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we offer a full gamut of legal services surrounding your ICO, including structuring of legal, accounting, and financial aspects; Tokenization of the project, management of raised funds and company's wallet.

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Compelling content and the right delivery of it are extremely important. After getting the concepts from your team, we will dive into researching and writing, and launch a full out attack to get all the info required to make the perfect Whitepaper for your project.

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White Paper

We'll guide, assist, rewrite and bring your White paper to the proper form, both from technical writing aspect and promotional one. The white paper (and the shorter Light paper) are an extremely important part of the ICO presentation and must be thoroughly researched.

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Cyber Security

Our core approach is that the ICO environment must be contained and secured to the max. Our team of experts will separate the environments for the ICO (testing / production), restrict the access to it both logically and physically, perform ongoing Security control assessments in real time, engage in proactive cyber defence.

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