Raising funds for your venture used to involve several meetings with angel investors or venture capitalists. These face-to-face interactions allowed entrepreneurs to engage investors and gain their trust. These interactions also offered opportunities to investors to make judgement calls beyond what the business plan stated.

Last year, funds raised via initial coin offerings (ICOs) surpassed the amount raised from early-stage VC funding by startups. With ICOs gaining traction, people are investing money into startups and projects that they learn about online. Without any human interactions, how do you make an impression and keep people engaged?

Remember, you’re not selling a popsicle. You’re selling the revenue-generation and profit-making potential of your new venture. It’s going to take a lot of convincing. And, for this, you need people to spend time to understand your idea and its prospects.

Big blocks of text just won’t keep visitors engaged. On the contrary, it can be off-putting. And, it definitely won’t be remembered.

Simply having visuals is not enough. These need to tell your story, since we’re far more engaged by storytelling than a list of facts.


Images should be used to grab attention. Use high quality images and ensure they are contextually relevant.

Apart from regular images, create some of your own to visually explain your project.

You may also use charts to highlight growth in the industry and projections.

Using screenshots is the easiest and most cost-effective way to go visual.


Videos can give that extra push to your ICO marketing campaign.

Use videos to explain the problem and solution you’re proposing. Animated explainer videos have already proved to be more efficient than text or images.

How the trade.io Platform Works:

You could include videos of core team members speaking about the industry, how they overcame challenges and industry prospects. If you have reputed advisors on board, have them talk about your team and project. These not only add credibility, but also give a personal touch the founders of trade.io speaks about their project:

Upload the video on YouTube and include the link in your email signature. And, remember to share the link on all your social profiles.


Have a lot of complex data or facts to share? Infographics are a great way to present these. A well-designed infographic makes facts easier to consume and more compelling. Of course, it needs someone who can conceptualize and communicate visually. What’s worse than not having infographics as part of your ICO marketing campaign is having a badly designed one.

Memes & Gifs

Humor grabs attention and is shared. Moreover, memes and gifs allow you to express difficult subjects easily and to convey a message at a glance. The best part about gifs is that they aren’t bound by language and can reach a wider audience.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Don’t regurgitate an older meme or gif. People will know immediately. So, create your own. Unless you have a smart way to repurpose a well-known meme.
  • Use them to convey a message.
  • Keep them contextual.
  • Keep them simple to understand. People don’t have the time to decipher encrypted messages!
  • Make them clever. But not too clever unless you are targeting a very niche audience that will get you!

And, don’t forget to use calls to action (CTAs) whenever you use visuals. The CTAs could be to “get updates on your ICO” or to “share the image.”

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