Looking to enhance your knowledge about the crypto world or understand the latest developments on the ICO and blockchain front? Wondering how enterprise blockchain will disrupt and claim a significant fraction of the over $500 billion global enterprise software market?

If yes, the best place to update your knowledge and resolve all your queries is to attend a specially organised blockchain/crypto event. Blockchain-related events are not only a great place to learn and stay in touch with the latest happenings, but they also provide a platform to explore new opportunities and discuss potential models in various industry verticals.

Blockchain Expo Europe, held in Amsterdam, provides the perfect venue for newcomers, industry players and technical experts to discuss and present their findings or applications in the field. The event also marks the first-ever blockchain awards to recognise the contributions of individuals, companies, brands and strategists in the field of blockchain.

There’s plenty going on at the EXPO with highlights including:

Valuable Content and Discussions

An excellent opportunity for like-minded individuals and companies to meet and interact with each other, the expo is also where you will gain crucial insights into blockchain technology, its applications and potential regulations. The event will have several sessions focusing on blockchain and its applications in the field of manufacturing, retail, financial services, legal and healthcare, insurance, energy, government services and real estate. This will be done via speeches, discussions and question-answer sessions with experts in enterprises and ICOs.

Some prominent speakers for the event include Blockchain News founder Richard Kastelein, Richard Crook, Head of Emerging Technology at The Royal Bank of Scotland and Sandra Alfonso Cagigas, Head of Digital Market Transformation at Endesa SA, Grupo Enel.

Sessions at the Expo

Blockchain Expo Europe will include:

  • Presentations by companies implementing or testing blockchain solutions within their organisations. IBM Blockchain will hold a free workshop on “Build Your Own Blockchain Application in Less Than an Hour.” The workshop will be hosted by the Developer Ecosystem Group at IBM.
  • Interactions with representatives of companies like IBM, Stratis, My Shield, XcelTrip and Bitfury, associated with blockchain technology and working with corporates to develop new applications for the finance, banking, medical and other industries.
  • Speeches by prominent players, such as John McClean, VP Global Blockchain Labs Engagement, Industry Platform at IBM; Dermot O’Gorman, CEO at the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia and Kapil Dhar, Lead Digital Business Architect and Analyst at Lloyd’s Banking Group will talk about how blockchain technology is being used to streamline fund transfers and other operations in the banking segment.
  • Question and Answer Sessions with experts including Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO at BBVA, Jeremy Millar, founding board member at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food and Sustainability at Lloyd’s Register and Thomas Power, board member at 9 Spokes. This will help in understanding the benefits of enterprise blockchain and the kind of regulatory environment that is likely in future.
  • Several sessions about the development and use of Hyperledger, an umbrella project of Linux Foundation to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. Apart from Hyperledger’s Executive Director Brian Behlendorf’s address on “Hyperledger’s quest for re-decentralization,” other sessions on the deployment of projects build on Hyperledger frameworks and The Use of Blockchain with Big Data will throw light on the progress of Enterprise Blockchain networks.
  • Blockchain Awards to recognise the outstanding strategy, application and effectiveness of blockchain technologies. The Blocks, to be held for the first time, will be awarded to brands, ICOs, technology providers, consultancy firms, strategists and developers in recognition of their contribution to the development of revolutionary blockchain tech.

Blockchain Expo Europe is expected to be attended by over 10,000 participants from across the globe, all involved in implementing or exploring the possibility of using the revolutionary technology in various industrial segments. The event is an excellent platform for interacting, discussing, understanding and deciphering the complexities associated with blockchains, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Implementation of blockchain may also involve rules and regulations that need to be studied and adhered to. So, get set to know more about the current and future prospects of cryptos and blockchain at Amsterdam.