COs are rapidly becoming the preferred means to raise funds for blockchain projects. These crypto launches managed to raise over $ 21 billion by October 2018, more than the total raised over the previous two years. Currently, there are over 1,500 active ICOs in the market. And, with a growing number of ICOs popping up and increased competition within the sector, the demand for effective crypto marketing, is also rising.

When you have a product, a whitepaper and a feasible plan ready, all you need is some good marketing to spread the word about your product. Indeed, according to freelancing database Upwork, job listings associated with blockchain skills increased more than 300% in 2018.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular crypto marketing jobs today.


1.    Marketing Manager

The marketing manager can be called the spine of any crypto marketing campaign. The key is to find a marketing manager who is knowledgeable about the industry, while bringing something new to the table in a bid to widen the reach of the campaign.

The marketing manager needs to ensure a well-rounded approach across the most popular crypto channels including social sites like Medium and LinkedIn. The marketing manager should also implement both organic and paid marketing techniques and be fully up-to-date with ICO/crypto and blockchain regulations such as ad bans on platforms such as Facebook.


2.    Blockchain Copywriter

This is again a key position in crypto marketing. Blockchain is still in its nascent stages, with many still unaware of what the technology has to offer. Then there are others who are apprehensive and skeptical, following the revelation that 80% of ICOs in 2017 turned out to scams.

It, therefore, becomes crucial to have a professional on-board who will be able to not only convey the brand message effectively, but also spread awareness regarding the genuineness and credibility of the project. They will need to create content that addresses the needs of experienced and novice crypto investors.

It is the quality of the content from the copywriter that has the power to convert visitors into readers, readers into active leads and leads into investors. A blockchain copywriter understands cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, potential uses of blockchain and, most importantly, content marketing, to give you the desired content to engage investors.


3.    Community Manager

There are very active crypto communities online, with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit being the ideal platforms to get involved with crypto relevant discussions. These communities comprise some of the most knowledgeable crypto enthusiasts, as well as novices looking for advice and suggestions on crypto investment. This large population needs to be engaged if you want your crypto marketing campaign to be successful.

However, interacting with these communities requires time, effort and creativity. The key responsibility of a crypto community manager is to engage these communities on various social media platforms, chat apps and online forums. Their job involves creating engaging and insightful content about the blockchain project and ICO being marketed.

They also participate in various discussion threads related to the specific domain the project addresses and answer questions from community members. Their goal is to build trust for the blockchain project and its token.


4.    Graphic Designer

Design choice is a key part of effective branding. The right use of colour and graphics can work wonders in engaging prospective investors, with the company website often being the first point of contact people will have with a brand. It’s the responsibility of the graphic designer to visually impress and ensure that explainer videos, press releases, social media links and more all follow a consistent design. With the right skill and attention to detail, a graphic designer can capture the attention of investors and provide essential information in an attractive manner.


5.    Event Manager

Planning events to promote both the ICO and the blockchain solution behind it is an important aspect of crypto marketing. Conducting conferences, exhibitions, sponsorships, training programmes and such like is all part of the job. The quality of the events can establish the brand value of the ICO among the community.

Event managers contact influencers and utilise the presence of community influencers at crypto events to strengthen the image of the ICO and its underlying blockchain offering. An event manager has to take care of the logistics, marketing, sponsorships and content of the event.

Salaries offered by cryptocurrency startups usually beat industry norm by 10%-20%. Perks like profit-sharing arrangements, great flexibility of work and high liquidity options make working in crypto marketing attractive. The most prolific hirers in the blockchain industry have been ConsenSys, IBM, Kraken, Oracle, JPMorgan, KPMG and Accenture.

From the looks of it, cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications are only going to grow. So, the blockchain job market is expected to continue its rapid growth in the near future.