The average person’s attention span today has dropped down to 8 seconds, from 12 seconds in 2000. With the increasing amount of content available online, users don’t read anymore, they just scan. So, when you are launching an ICO, attracting readers and turning visitors into investors, your crypto marketing needs more than just great content, it needs great Calls to Action (CTAs).

Types of CTAs

A wide variety of people visit your website and blog, or read your emails. Also, you reach out to people to motivate them to take different actions. A prominent call to action button embedded on all these means of communication tells the reader what steps to take next. Here’s a look at the different types of CTAs that are effective in crypto marketing.


1.     Lead Generation

CTAs are vital to generating leads from visitors to your website and blog. These CTAs should be placed in the most visible place on a webpage for maximum impact. The button should be prominent and attractive, conveying the value of clicking on it. If your ICO has a newsletter, a well-placed CTA will help you boost subscriptions.


2.     ICO Registration

If you are gearing up to launch your ICO, one of the most important goals at this stage is to get as many potential investors as possible to register for the token sale. A submission form leading to a normal “submit” button is somewhat dull. However, a meaningful CTA calling for registrations is the key element of your landing page. Instead of asking people in your CTA to just ‘submit’ or ‘join’ – tell them what they will get if they join. For example, if you want them to leave their email to get updates on the project, then tell them this is what they get by filling in your form – “Get Latest News” or “VIP Newsletter”.

3.     Read More

Regardless of whether your website is being viewed on a mobile devise or not, you don’t want all the information displayed at once on your home page. Large chunks of information would take away from your actual message. This is why the home page should have teasers to the information you want to provide, with “Read More” CTA buttons taking visitors to the specific pages they are interested in. This will not only make the website more attractive, it will make it more suitable for smaller screen sizes. Don’t forget to add a “Download Whitepaper” CTA button too.


4.     Links to Social Media

Engaging the crypto community on social media is key to the success of any ICO. So, you need active presence on the most effective social media platforms for blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition, you need CTA buttons on your webpages that link to your social media profiles and buttons for visitors to share your content on social media. This is what will create a buzz about your project. Use the CTA buttons in relevant places, such as blog posts, landing pages and in your emails.


5.     Event Promotion

If your ICO project is organizing an offline event or making a major announcement, you want people to sit up and take notice. An event promotion CTA can be used to increase awareness about the event. You can place a temporary CTA prominantly on your website, blogs and social channels and also have a registration page for visitors interested in attending.


How to Use CTAs

A Call to Action is a powerful tool to motivate people to take certain steps. For this, they need to be eye catching. They should be designed and positioned for maximum impact, so that they will enhance the conversion rate. Bold colours can be used to give these buttons a contrasting presence on the page. They should contain action-oriented words with a clear message. Here’s how you can most effectively use CTAs in your crypto marketing:

  • On your website: A great website plays an important role in the success of your ICO. CTAs can help convert visitors into potential investors. Use of a variety of CTAs enables you to promote your project and token, while attracting investors.
  • In your email campaign: Your emails should contain CTAs that take readers to specific web pages to encourage them to take specific action.
  • On your blog: If your ICO project has its own blog, then this is a good best place to use CTAs. Make sure you post content regularly, covering relevant topics.
  • In your social channels: Keep all your social channels active and engaged. Drive your readers and followers back to your website where they will be encouraged to take the next action – read the white paper, register for token sale, watch your video or meet the team.

There is no universal formula for using CTAs effectively on your ICO website. There are various places where such buttons have been found to be impactful, such as:

  1. The end of post banner
  2. Slide-ins
  3. Pop Ups
  4. Scrolling sidebar
  5. Anchor text CTA
  6. Internal link CTA

Every piece of communication you distribute should have a call to action, a direction to the reader or viewer of what to do next. Some actions are more direct – invest now, while others acknowledge a longer funnel – read white paper – which will itself have a direction for the next action you want the reader to take which is eventually to invest.

Make the effort to try out different types of CTAs, track them and see what works best for your different channels, but always remember to have relevant and interesting content.