The ICO market, although quite lucrative right now, remains unregulated. There is no legal framework in place to help investors or even protect them from scams. Little wonder then that investors are becoming increasingly wary of investing in ICOs, especially without detailed research regarding the technical and commercial feasibility of a project.

This is where ICO forums have proven to be invaluable sources of information for investors to verify the viability of an upcoming token sale. For an ICO owner, it is important to be a part of the best forums online. Here’s a look at some of the most active forums.

1.      Reddit – The Front Page of the Internet

A community of millions of people sharing information and conversing on thousands of different topics, Reddit is one of the top choices for ICO owners who wish to engage a community online. It is one of the most popular messaging boards to spread a new idea online. The site is further divided into thousands of other messaging boards, called SubReddits.

Include a good summary of the token sale in your announcement thread, including the history of the coin and the purpose that the token aims to fulfil. Create a message board especially for your token sale, which will act as the company prospectus. Your community manager will be able to address investor concerns through the board, as well as invite questions and post updates on the future roadmap. Reddit also allows purchasing upvotes for your subreddits, and allows positive comments to be displayed higher in the thread.

2.      Steemit – Bridging Blockchain and Social Media

Steemit is a blogging and social networking site that incentivises people for content creation. Interestingly, Steemit is a decentralised platform, awarding its ‘Steem’ tokens for posts that figure high in the popularity rankings. Steemit is home to a thriving crypto community and a place where many ICO influencers and thought leaders present coin reviews for investors. It is similar to other platforms like Medium and WordPress, and encourages community building through likes, shares, comments and, above all, financial incentives.

3. – For Bitcoin and Others

Bitcointalk is a message board originally created for people to discuss technical details of the Bitcoin protocol. It is a hub for thousands of bitcoin miners and traders interested in learning about the latest improvements in the network. However, over the years, discussions have gone beyond topics related to Bitcoin and today include upcoming ICOs, altcoin exchanges, mining and more. The biggest benefit of the site is that it supports multiple languages, allowing you to build active communities around the world. Bitcoin alone has 19 million posts dedicated to it, with more than 86K topics created around it. Some of the posts were originally created years ago but are still garnering active discussions.

By uploading your own posts and commenting on those of others, it is possible to promote your ICOs among millions of potential investors. You can create specific posts to provide updates regarding new partnerships, token sale statistics and other important details.

4.      CryptocurrencyTalk – Industry Wise Segregation of News

The number of members on the forum stands at 81K at present. They describe themselves as “your source for everything crypto.” There are plenty of posts about what coins to mine, upcoming ICOs, ICO reviews, new technology announcements and advice from important members of the crypto community. ICO teams post videos, which are segregated according to popularity. The site provides good analytics for ICO marketing activities.

Create a special profile on the platform, dedicated to your ICO. You will be able to track all activity around your topics and also share posts from the platform on other social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Based on the popularity of your ICO content, the site gives rankings. If you rank well, you will get featured on their leaderboard or “Top Picks.”

ICOs and crypto investing opportunities are continuously evolving. Networking is crucial to stay ahead in the race. It is also vital to establish credibility for your project. These forums will provide good opportunities for just that. By building active communities online, you can stay on the investor’s mind for a long time.