As of the beginning of November 2018, a total of 1,165 ICO were held through the year, raising a whopping $7,181,371,446. June seems to have been the most lucrative month, being responsible for $5,798,259,469 of the total amount raised so far in the year. Given the astonishing number of ICOs, you definitely need to have a killer marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

This is where press releases can play an important role. The ICO pitch provided via a press release can be extremely persuasive, while also providing crucial information regarding the project, its value proposition and the ICO details. Press releases have proven effective in engaging the reader and potentially converting them into investors.

So, press releases are key, but where should these press releases appear for maximum reach and impact? Here’s a look at the top 10 sites where you should consider publishing your ICO press release.


1.    Cointelegraph

This site needs no introduction because this is where the crypto community heads to when they need news, analysis, expert opinions, prices and more. The independent publication has established its leadership position as the go-to site for crypto enthusiasts. So, you simply must publish a press release on Cointelegraph. The charges for publishing a press release on the main Cointelegraph site is 0.7 BTC, while the cost of publishing a press release on the main site, along with all the regional sites, including Cointelegraph’s Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese and Arabic platforms, is 1.4 BTC.

When you submit a press release, the editorial team reviews it first, before publishing it, which could take about 24-hours from the time the payment is processed.


2. is the best resource for everything Bitcoin. This is also where you get the latest crypto and blockchain news and can engage with a large, active and thriving crypto community. Any guide on how to launch an ICO will tell you just how important it is to be active on Bitcoin Forum. This is why the site is also among the most popular when it comes to press releases. However, they also charge more than most other websites, at US$2,499 per press release. They also accept payment in BTC.

Similar to Cointelegraph, also follows a stringent approval process for press releases. It could take 2-3 days for this process to be completed and for the press release to be published. The reason why all this is worth it is that the site has very high traffic, which doesn’t seem to dip on the weekends. It also has a strong social media presence.


3.    Cryptoverze

A relatively new addition to the crypto sphere, Cryptoverze has seen rapid growth, with traffic on its site rising an astounding 10,000% in 2018. Monthly page views on this site have increased to six-digit figures. Therefore, any ICO marketing strategy looking for highly targeted exposure cannot afford to miss out on publishing a press release on this site. The cost of a basic press release is about US$85, while a sponsored post, crafted by Cryptoverze editors, could cost about US$145. The site accepts payment is US dollars, Bitcoin and Ether.

The best part about publishing a press release on this site is that all press releases appear along the sidebar on the right through every page and post.


4.    CCN

This is another great site for the latest news, analysis and commentary associated with the world of cryptocurrencies. Getting a press released published on CCN means that you get to feature on their home page. You can also choose to have your press release included in their newsletter, which goes out to over 100K subscribers.

The cost of a standard press release on CCN is US$349, while a sponsored post could cost you US$1,499. To include the press release in the newsletter, the fee is an additional US$299. The site accepts payments in US dollars via PayPal and in BTC.


5.    Crypto Radar

As a crypto-specific news site, the benefit of publishing an ICO press release on Crypto Radar is that it displays your press release for at least 24-hours on its home page. In addition, when you publish on this site, your press release gains exposure to thousands of visitors from all over the world, including USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. The site also shares the press release on all its social media channels. If you prefer, your PR can be written by their highly skilled team of US-based blockchain, crypto and Bitcoin journalists.

The advantages don’t end here. You get unlimited outbound links from the PR to help improve your SEO and SERP rankings. And, at 0.1 ETH for a standard PR, this is possibly the cheapest site on which to publish. To get the PR written by their team, the fee is 0.3ETH. They accept payment in US dollars, ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP and even BCH.


6.    CryptoCurrencyNews

This site sees readership from extremely dedicated cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. Its team of authors have hundreds of articles under their belt. The only drawback is that this site is not available in countries that have certain Bitcoin regulations, such as USA, China, Kazakhstan and South Korea. However, it still is useful to publish a press release on the CryptoCurrencyNews, since it will not only get featured on their home page, but also on their network of associated websites.

A key advantage of this site is that all press releases published here also get additional syndication on a wide variety of crypto, blockchain, financial and news websites, which is great for exposure. The cost of publication is US$197 per press release.


7.    Crypto-News

Interestingly, this is a site based in India, an economy that has come into prominence in recent years, giving stiff competition to China, the other major Asian economy. Crypto-News offers the latest news and developments related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It has already amassed a loyal following, not just in India but globally. The charge for a standard press release on this site is US$150, while for a sponsored post written by their own team, the fee is US$300. Payment is accepted in US dollars via PayPal, as well as in BTC and ETH.


8.    Blokt

A fairly young website on all things crypto, each press release on Blokt get placed under the most relevant category and then featured on the home page. Publishing of press releases is, however, subject to editorial approval. An added advantage is that the PRs are also displayed on the sidebar of most pages, increasing exposure.


The charges for publishing PRs do change from time-to-time. However, the usual cost of a regular PR is US$200, while sponsored articles cost $350 and interviews/reviews can cost about $900. You can also explore their options for paid advertising.


9.    Invest in Blockchain

In just one year of existence, this website has garnered an amazing 400,000+ unique visitors per month, with over 40k followers on social media, 10.5k+ people who have opted for push notifications and 10k email subscribers. This rapidly growing site offers great reach also because PRs submitted here are syndicated to its partner websites, including A Bit of News and Blockchain Stats.


Invest in Blockchain charges US$500 for each press release, accepting payments in US dollars, BTC and ETH.


10. CryptoSlate

This is another new site favoured by blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, offering the latest news, product database, coin rankings and even an ICO database, among others. The cost of a standard press release on CryptoSlate is US$499, with payments accepted in US dollar BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. Once published, the PR is featured on the home page for 24-hours.

Remember, attracting investors is more than knowing how to launch an ICO, it is also about having the right ICO marketing strategy that helps you create a great buzz.