Crypto influencers on YouTube have gained a lot prominence for their educational as well as entertaining videos. These people are not only credible sources of information for blockchain investors and enthusiasts, but also creators of unique, high-quality content.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they are rapidly becoming an integral part of ICO marketing strategies today. After all, they play a key role in shaping public opinion. Take a look at these thought leaders who are making efforts to break down complex technologies into easy-to-understand content for the benefit of the average consumer.

1.   Ian Balina

A former analytics evangelist at IBM, Ian Balinais a highly respected voice in the crypto space. With over 124k followers on his YouTube channel, he is one of the top ICO influencers today. People value his opinions about new coins and investment opportunities. Ian speaks passionately about upcoming ICOs, and his ratings influence their performance to a large extent.

2.   DataDash

Described aptly as the “one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies,” DataDash is an excellent source of unbiased opinions for its 304k followers. Nicholas Merten, a former data analytics professional, gives valuable guidance on coin offerings, investment opportunities and news updates. The channel is a gold mine for traders, especially given its dedicated videos on advanced technical analysis tools and custom indicators.

3.   Boxmining

With a staggering 198k followers on YouTube, Boxmininghas a huge network within the crypto community. The host, Michael, conducts this show from China, and can effectively translate Chinese rules regarding cryptocurrencies for the average English speaking audience. Fellow blockchain influencers, experts and prominent personalities appear on his episodes from time to time. Follow him to get the latest opinions on ICOs and technological releases.

4.   Ameer Rosic

Rosicis a well-respected personality in the blockchain community and regularly writes blogs and gives lectures on important topics. He is a keen crypto investor himself and follows the markets closely. For newcomers to the crypto space, his channel has a lot of useful content to help understand technical terminologies in an easy way. With a follower base of 168k, he is one of the best YouTube influencers to watch out for.

5.   Crypt0

If you are interested in the latest news, market sentiment, opinions, developments and basically anything under the sun regarding cryptocurrencies, Crypt0is the channel to visit. A huge proponent of blockchain and its benefits, his passion for the technology is inspiring. Omar Bham, the host of the show, actually publishes many of these videos from his living room in Miami. He responds well to comments and regularly conducts Q&A sessions with the audience. Famous personalities, including Griff Green, have appeared in his videos. He has a good 114k followers on YouTube, for his informational videos.

6.   Ivan on Tech

Ivan’s enthusiasm is refreshing and infectious, as are his videos, which are fun and wonderful to watch. He was previously a software developer in Sweden, who has now turned into a blockchain evangelist. His technical analysis and opinions on various crypto events are extremely popular, and it is hardly surprising that the channel boasts over 177k followers. Checkout his channelto get a perspective from the developer’s or programmer’s point of view.

7.   Suppoman

Suppomanor Savage Cash is a superhero currency expert, who shares interesting anecdotes, news, ICO reviews and personal opinions about crypto offerings. People enjoy his animated style of talking and his enthusiasm for new technologies. He has over 148k followers on YouTube, and has crypto experts and influencers regularly on his episodes.

8.   CryptoDaily

Cameron, the host, is a former insurance sales employee, who is now a full-time YouTuber. He provides valuable insights about the market, but in a funny way. Checkout his channelto get amazing crypto music videos and movie parodies. His ability to deliver unique content and keep the audience chuckling at the same time has earned him a subscriber base of 109k followers. But do not judge him for his ability to tickle the funny bone alone, since his research is always spot-on. He advices staying away from hype and always relying on market analysis. Watch his channelto see funny videos on cryptocurrencies and to get some solid investment advice too.

9.   Coin Mastery

This channel,with over 130k subscribers, focuses on the macro forces that move the markets, for the benefit of traders and investors. The host also has his own iTunes podcast, apart from his channel. He also regularly replies to user comments. Check out his channel to get a meaningful dissection of daily crypto news and listen to his almost always accurate price predictions. Traders can gain a lot of knowledge about market movements and trading on the major crypto exchanges.

10.   CrushTheStreet

If you are interested in knowing about financial markets apart from crypto news, then this is the channelto watch out for. The host covers a lot of unconventional topics and also shares tips and strategies for effective wealth management. Learn how to balance your portfolio with crypto and fiat investments. The podcast style interviews feature some of the best minds in the financial sector. In short, you get all your fundamental analysis under one roof.

These experts make the crypto space less intimidating and confusing, thereby encouraging greater adoption into the mainstream. These influencers can play a crucial role, supplementing your whitepaper and helping the layperson gain a thorough understanding of complex concepts.