Blockchain technology is revolutionising not only the finance sector but many different industries, positively disrupting traditional methodologies and techniques. It has caused quite a stir of late but believe it or not, 59% of consumers still don’t know what blockchain tech is according to a survey conducted by HSBC. This lack of awareness among not only the general public but those interested in investing in crypto/ICO projects has led to ICO promoters seeking the help of social media influencers to market their concepts and ideas.

Why Social Media?

You can’t walk down the street these days without seeing people looking down at their mobile phone, chatting with friends online or taking snaps to post on their favourite digital platforms. We live in a tech-centric world which revolves largely around social media interaction – which is why influencer marketing has become increasingly popular. By pinpointing those with a large social following, it is easy for project leaders to increase their engagement.

What’s more, recent crypto/ICO ad bans from online giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have pushed the focus onto other media – such as photo-sharing sites like Instagram. Indeed, a recent survey revealed that Instagram was the #1 platform for 92% of influencers in 2017. The trend has continued in 2018 and is likely to gain further steam in the coming months.

ICO Instagram Influencers

In a world where banner ads are mistrusted by younger consumers, the opinions of those on popular social sites like Instagram matter. Many people are turning to prominent online figures to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of the crypto world.

Well-known personalities within the crypto/ICO space such as Ian Balina or Andreas Antonopolous have a huge community of followers. Their thoughts and beliefs play a key role in helping people choose their ICO investments and prove to be an excellent resource for those looking for information on blockchain projects.

That said; with spam accounts cropping up left, right and centre, the trick is to follow genuine Instagram influencers. So, with this in mind, here’s a look at 10 of the best.

1.      Tony Thomas III

A successful cryptotrader, Tony Thomas III primarily trades in Ethereum and is a true influencer in the Instagram space. An active promoter of cryptocurrencies, Tony Thomas’s Instagram account offers regular and useful updates about the world of digital currencies, including personal opinions on Ethereum and other altcoins. He has also joined the Virtual Poker team, a soon-to-be launched Ethereum-based poker platform.

2.      Omar Bham (Crypt0)

One of the most visible sources of crypto-related news and information on Instagram, Omar Bham, is the host of Crypt0’s news updates. Providing a lot of easy-to-digest, crypto-related content through short and concise videos, Omar Bham’s YouTube channel is also very popular. This YouTube channel host and actor is a great influencer for people intrigued by the world of digital currencies.

3.      Vinny Lingham

A South African entrepreneur, Vinny Lingham is known for his penchant for cryptos, especially Bitcoin. Known as the Bitcoin ‘Oracle’ due to his often accurate crypto predictions, Vinny provides many insightful comments about the crypto space. He recently predicted that one day a political party funded by an ICO will win the national elections. Mr Lingham is the founder of Civic, an identity management startup on the blockchain.

4.      Ian Balina

A highly influential blockchain and cryptocurrency investor, Ian Balina has featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, CNBC and Entrepreneur magazine for his work in the field of cryptos. Balina is known for his data driven, ICO investment approach known as “Token Metrics”. Look out for his Instagram posts for the latest on ICOs.

5.      ICO-List

When it comes to making investments, education and knowledge are essential. This Instagram account offers information about one stand-out ICO every day. ICO-list therefore gives its followers a starting point from which to investigate further.

6.      Coin Jolt

Posting information related to the prices of various cryptocurrencies, Coin Jolt could prove to be a major influencer in 2018. Following this account will also expose you to a lot of educational information that’s deliberately designed to shed light on some of the most-popular coins in circulation. It also breaks down difficult concepts into simpler terms.

7.      Arcane Bear

Passionate about blockchain technology and its benefits to the world, Arcane Bear is a good source of crypto-related news, including the latest information about various ICOs. Arcane Bear’s YouTube channel also hosts a new video every 24 to 36-hours, as part of its mission to simplify the creation, distribution and evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related information.

8.      Cryptosharkk

One of the best providers of the latest information on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, Cryptosharkk has more than 22,000 followers. This account gives a detailed insight into many crypto-related issues bringing news to life in a creative and interesting way.

9.      Boxmining

Started by blockchain expert Michael Gu, Boxmining has a dominant presence within the crypto world. Follow this Instagram account for the latest on Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum and several other well-known crypto tokens. Boxmining also offers various guides on popular coins in circulation.

10.  Share Crypto

Share Crypto gives users an insight into the role and applications of Bitcoin and other cryptos offering well-balanced feedback including positive and negative coverage of the crypto space. This Instagram account is a good resource for investors looking to make informed decisions.

Apart from these Instagram influencers, posts by Cryptohumor, Cryptodemia and discussions on several other online communities play a key role in influencing investor decisions. Educational posts, memes, pricing updates and other information provided on these communities help to reaffirming the faith of investors in the genuineness of a project.

So, if you are looking for ways to market your blockchain project, it can be helpful to get an online influencer onboard to help promote your products and ideas.