Among all social media channels, YouTube is turning out to be a major hub of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related content. Thought leaders and crypto traders have created huge communities on the platform, where they engage people with their fun, interesting and highly informative videos. Prominent YouTubers have the power to change market movements through their comments and coin reviews.

Let’s take a look at 10 such channels that are deeply involved in investor education.

1.     Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk is a professional poker player, who has participated in poker world championships and gained huge recognition. He has a special YouTube channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies, where he regularly posts videos about news and important developments related to the market in a quirky manner. Lots of other experts and influencers regularly feature on his episodes. He has over 200,000 followers on YouTube.

2.     The Modern Investor

Check out this channel for the latest tips and advice on cryptocurrency investments. There are plenty of videos on maximising capital gains and the newest and latest trends in money making. The host addresses some very important issues related to mining and buying cryptocurrencies from exchanges, in a clear and concise manner. With over 85,000 subscribers, this is an interesting channel to look out for.

3.     CryptoCasey

Crypto Casey makes informative and how-to videos about blockchain and digital assets. The videos are all about breaking complex crypto concepts into simpler terms that an average person can understand. The channel is comparatively recent, but due to the unique storytelling capabilities of its host, it has already garnered over 6,000 subscribers.

4.     Crypto Bobby

Crypto Bobby has a background in enterprise tech and is a keen blockchain enthusiast. With over 144,000 subscribers, his channel is an important source of trending news about the crypto world. His videos are pretty frequent and fun to watch. Whether it is investment advice or simply a new coin on the horizon, Crypto Bobby knows it all.

5.     Coin Mastery

Watch this channel to get daily updates about the cryptocurrency market. The channel focuses on the macro economic factors that affect cryptocurrency price movements. With over 131,000 followers on YouTube, the channel is a must-follow for anyone who wants to be a crypto investor.

6.     Alessio Rastani

With around 118,000 followers on YouTube, Alessio has a great channel for anyone who is a Bitcoin investor or follower. His videos discuss in detail the price movements of Bitcoin and factors that drive its value at various times. Apart from this, he sometimes also posts videos on the stock markets and economic reforms.

7.     Tone Vays

Tone Vays is well-known in the blockchain industry as an advisor and community thought leader. He hosts podcasts with important personalities in the blockchain world. On YouTube, he has over 69,000 followers, and is active on many other channels, including SoundCloud and LinkedIn.

8.     Boxmining

This is one of the few channels in the industry that translates Mandarin/Chinese for global audiences. Boxmining is known for its great content and charming host, who talks in an easy-to-understand way using simple language, rather than technical gibberish. It has a subscriber base of over 199,000 on YouTube.

9.     Crypto Tips

Interesting videos on trending news in the crypto industry, ICO reviews and upcoming ICO notifications and useful trading tips is the content base of Crypto Tips. The videos are interesting, since the host usually shoots them at different locations, ranging from expansive grasslands to beautiful beaches. The channel has over 45,000 subscribers on YouTube.

10.      Cryptobud

Dominic Leung is a former equity research analyst and is well-versed in advanced technical analysis tools. His videos are perfect for traders who are looking for new ways to invest in the volatile crypto market. Apart from trading advice, he also provides in-depth analysis on various macro-economic forces that cause fluctuations in crypto prices. His channel has over 75,000 subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube’s New Measures in Removing Unauthorised Re-Uploads

YouTube’s role in the crypto influencer space has been significant. This platform has made it possible for experts to share their views and tips with the world; a much needed step in making blockchain a mainstream technology.

In a recent developments, YouTube has introduced a new tool that will automatically scan every new video upload to check whether it has been posted on a different channel earlier or is very similar to an existing video. This will help keep scammers at bay, who sometimes use content from other channels and pass them off as their own. For the cryptocurrency community too, this will serve a great purpose. Individuals will not be able to pose as experts and upload videos to mislead the general investor and blockchain enthusiast. This tool will only scan full videos though, and not short clips.

YouTube announced that this new copyright matching tool will be provided to all creators who have more than 100,000 subscribers. Among these creators, will be a lot of blockchain and crypto influencers, who have a huge follower base on the platform. The channel will gradually pass on the tool to a wider range of channel owners over the course of several months.