Did you know indaHash, a tech platform that connects leading brands with over 30,000 influencers, recently completed its ICO successfully, collaborating with influencer channels like Crypto Love, Crush Crypto and The Cryptoverse? The project, which is aiming to tokenise the influencer marketing industry, managed to garner around $47.5 million in its ICO, proving that influencer marketing is indeed effective in the crypto space.

Despite the crypto industry’s prominence in mainstream media, the crypto industry remains immature compared to the level of hype surrounding it. People do not understand a lot of things about this space. Influencers play a huge role in helping the layperson to grasp new products and ideas. Here’s a list of 10 influencers on Twitter who are doing a good job of it.

1.     Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham)

Vinny is the CEO of CivicKey, a global, blockchain-based ID platform. He is also a partner at Multicoincap and is known for his knowledge of owning crypto assets. Vinny regularly tweets his opinions regarding various events in the crypto world. He is an active technology investor in Silicon Valley and a partner in an investment fund called Newtown Partners. With a follower base of 159,000, his is one of the prominent voices on Twitter, regarding cryptocurrencies.

2.     Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist)

You can get some invaluable investment tips from Luke on his Twitter feed. He is also a blockchain investor. Luke is known for his near accurate technical analysis of the crypto markets. Venture Coinist also has a good following on YouTube. On Twitter, he has a good 189,000 followers.

3.     Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran)

Ran is a CNBC Cryptotrader host and is often seen across channels talking about Ethereum-based projects. His tweets are not only about the crypto space but cover a lot of other happenings in the world. Ran is also a serial investor and is the founder of ONCHAIN CAPITAL. He has over 79,000 followers on Twitter.

4.     Jameson Lopp (@lopp)

Lopp is an infrastructure engineer at Casa, founder of Bitcoinsig.com and the creator of Statoshi.info. He calls himself a “Professional Cypherpunk” and is involved in building technologies that empower businesses to achieve their goals. You can find his articles published on important journals like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph and others from time -to -time. His Twitter feed is a rich source of news regarding the crypto world. He has 170,000 followers.

5.     Tai Zen (@HeyTaiZen)

Tai Zen, along with Leon Fu, is the founder of one of the oldest cryptocurrency channels on YouTube and is highly valued for his predictions regarding coin performances. Together, Tai and Leon also created TaiFulIndexes, a list of 30 powerful cryptocurrencies in the market. The Twitter feed consists of videos and interviews with prominent personalities. Tai Zen has over 21,000 followers on the platform.

6.     Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite)

The creator of Litecoin has over 783,000 followers on Twitter, where he regularly posts important news updates regarding Litecoin and other alt currencies. He was previously associated with CoinBase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Charlie is one of those people who were once believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin. He has always laughed at the idea, but remains an important personality in the blockchain segment.

7.     MarQuis Trill (@6BillionPeople)

With a staggering follower base of 4.63 million on Twitter, MarQuis has created a name for himself in the influencer space. He is the creator of Cryptocurrency Member, a community that educates people and investors about the twists and turns in crypto trading. MarQuis speaks on all issues in the crypto space and is a regular at major events held around the world.

8.     John McAfee (@officialmcafee)

John is the person who made the famous prediction of Bitcoin hitting the million dollar price tag by 2020. He has unique opinions on many subjects concerning the crypto industry and regularly tweets about them. John is a computer programmer and businessman and the founder of McAfee Associates, which he ran until 1994. He has over 846,000 followers on Twitter. It still remains to be seen whether his famous prediction concerning Bitcoin does indeed come true or not.

9.     CryptoBull (@Crypto_God)

This is another avid crypto trader, who keeps tabs on everything crypto under the sun. The tweets are fun to follow because of the sarcastic and funny undertones, not to mention the memes that are created around the current buzz in the industry. With over 148,000 followers, the profile is a good source of knowledge for both traders and crypto enthusiasts.

10.      Notsofast (@notsofast)

Notsofast is an expert cryptocurrency miner and trader. He is active on various social media platforms like Steemit, BitcoinTalk and others. You can also catch him on informative podcasts related to crypto trading and mining advice. On Twitter alone, he has a follower base of 145,000. Follow his feed to get the best of advice and tips related to crypto investments.

Influencers can be anyone, from technology geeks to traders, investor and journalists. They have the power to not only help in spreading awareness about new coins, innovations and market news, but educating investors through the right type of content. They are the go-to choice for a large number of traders and investors who wish to know about the best blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies to invest in or to understand a new technology solution.

Influencers also play a crucial role in helping people distinguish genuine projects from scams and frauds. While social media giants are closing their channels to block out bad players, these influencers have become the trustworthy sources of information.