Social media influencers have a large following. What they say and do can have a significant impact on many different sectors including the crypto space. While some follow the social accounts of TV stars and music moguls such as DJ Khaled, who is well-known for his prominent online presence, others turn to digital asset experts for all the latest insights and updates.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at ten of the top crypto influencers on Instagram – a popular platform which relies heavily on strong visuals.

1.      ICOZilla (@icozilla)

Look for the latest ICO/crypto news on this Instagram channel which offers a host of regular updates on up and coming ICOs, exciting blockchain events and important statements from thought leaders around the world. They have an active follower base of over 10.8K and accept messages for advertisements and promotions.

2.      Maurice Kenny (@themauricekenny)

Maurice is a regular speaker on blockchain and an expert on futuristic and disruptive technologies. He publishes videos on his Instagram account, where he talks about important issues concerning the blockchain world. Maurice garnered 834 followers in a short span of time thanks to his standout wit and knowledge. He offers a host of valuable content for free in a fun and interesting way.

3.      Armando Pantoja (@tallguytycoon)

Armando is a software engineer and a blockchain expert. He is a notable speaker on important tech innovations in the blockchain space, and recently sold his crypto website for a whopping US$2 million. Armando is one of the most sought after tech entrepreneurs in the industry and commands a follower base of 7.6K on Instagram.

4.      The Wolf of Bitcoins (@thewolfofbitcoins)

With over 12.4K followers, this profile is a source of interesting and funny memes on cryptocurrencies and associated technologies. The owner is also a Bitcoin miner and investor. You can trust the Wolf of Bitcoins to explain serious and complicated concepts through hilarious images that bring much-needed humour to the crypto space.

5.      Joseph Steinberg (@josephsteinberg)

Joseph Steinberg is an expert on cyber security and works as a blockchain advisor. He also writes columns for major publications like Forbes and, among many others. You will find Joseph at major blockchain events around the world. He regularly lectures on the uses and problems of blockchain at major universities. His Instagram profile has more than 24.9K followers proving him to be a well-respected figure within the crypto/blockchain sphere.

6.      Suppoman (

Well-known for his themed YouTube videos, Soppoman is now on the image sharing platform Instagram and already has over 6.4K followers. Follow him for the latest events in the ICO sector and to get unbiased reviews on new coin launches; something which many investors take a great interest in.

7.      Jake (@koreanjewtrading)

Jake is a cryptocurrency trader, sharing his journey on the platform with his 7K followers. His account is important to follow, given the rising prominence of the Korean market for cryptos. Korea is turning out to be a crypto haven, and Jake can provide some much-needed insight into that space. Apart from investment advice, he shares a lot of pictures from his travels across the globe, including local cuisine and cultural trips. Jake is also active on Twitter and other social platforms.

8.      Cryptohumor (@cryptohumor)

A one-stop profile for the most innovative and humorous crypto memes on Instagram, Crypto Humor has over 30.7K followers on the social media platform. For a daily dose of crypto news and developments, and a healthy helping of entertainment updates, follow this account on Instagram.

9.      Crypto Queen (@nikitasachdev5)

You can find Nikita at major blockchain events, where she is usually responsible for conducting the whole event alone. Apart from being a model and a world traveller, she is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency investor, enthusiast and host of blockchain events. With over 11.3K followers on Instagram, she is surely one of the most glamorous influencers around.

10.  Cryptobuzz™ (@cryptobuzz)

As one of the most prominent news outlets for the cryptocurrency world, Cryptobuzz is also on Instagram boasting over 31.3K followers. This account shares all the latest happenings in the industry in different ways with memes, images, animations and such like being particularly popular. If you are looking for an unbiased perspective on events in the crypto industry, follow this channel.

The Celeb Influencers on Instagram

It is not that celebrities are out of the influencer marketing bandwagon in any way. While the above-mentioned names bring with them hard-earned expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, actors and sports stars can create a huge buzz about a project, simply by agreeing to endorse them or agreeing to appear for promotional events. Here are some examples of celebrities who have lent their stupendous brand value to ICO projects on Instagram.

Lionel Messi (@leomessi)

The football star has over 97.1 million followers on Instagram, not to mention he is one of the most famous people in the world. In the recent past, he has collaborated with Sirin Labs, a developer of blockchain-based smartphones and PCs.

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx)

The Academy award-winner has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram. He is one of the earliest proponents of blockchain. In the past, he has endorsed the ICO of the cryptocurrency exchange, CobinHood, which is a zero-trading fee exchange.

Martina Hingis (@martinahingis80)

The tennis superstar participated in the Christmas charity auction conducted by TokenStars, where a signed tank top of hers was put up for auction. Martina currently has over 296K followers on Instagram.

Given the mainstream applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain, we are likely to see many such celebrities collaborating with upcoming ICOs. Everything, from social media to music, is being studied for potential disruption by blockchain. Needless to say, it will become imperative for celebrities to stay abreast of the current happenings in the crypto scene.