Instagram is no longer a space just for sharing pretty pictures. Growth in live video streaming, even on this social network, is driving influencer marketing trends on the platform. The Instagram “Stories” feature not only capitalises on the art of storytelling, but also has a role to play in creating user engagement and feedback generation.

Add to this the star power of famous celebs or important personalities, and you have a robust medium to take your blockchain projects to the masses, who stand at 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram. Let us take a look at 10 Instagram influencers, who are actively promoting unique blockchain concepts on one of the world’s most popular social networks.

1.     Tim Draper (@timdraper)

Tim Draper is one of the most fervent proponents of cryptocurrencies. He is a venture capitalist and owner of a VC firm. He is also someone who owns a fair amount of cryptocurrencies himself, so his opinions and trading advice are not something without good basis. With a follower base of 5.1k on Instagram, he is one of the prominent blockchain influencers on the platform.

2.     ShareCrypto (@sharecrypto)

With over 12.3k followers, this account is a prime source of everything blockchain. They post unique photos of summaries of news articles, with associated pictures. The account is a perfect example of how Instagram can help with influencer marketing. After all, the pictures here speak a thousand words.

3.     Crypto Sally (@crypto_sally)

Not only does Sally provide regular news updates, she also has experts commenting on various ICOs and the performance of the different alt coins in her videos. She also offers plenty of ICO reviews. Apart from this, she is also a fitness enthusiast. Her Instagram account has over 5.5k followers.

4.     CryptoSanity (@cryptosanity)

Aaron and Keith are primarily YouTube influencers, but you will get plenty of fun takeaways from their Instagram account too. Aaron runs this newly launched Insta account and does a great job at posting news about blockchain projects through hilarious memes. They already have 1.3k followers on the platform.

5.     Tony Thomas III (@ethereumtony)

Tony has been an avid blockchain proponent for some time now and has teamed up with various projects in the past, primarily ones built on the Ethereum platform. He is also a regular speaker at many blockchain events. Follow his account to stay abreast of innovations in the Ethereum space. He has over 14k followers on his Instagram account.

6.     Oliver Zok (@oliverzok)

Oliver is a blockchain investor and advisor. He has a whopping 15+ million follower base in his influencer network, spanning across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. On Instagram alone, he has a follower count of 330k.

7.     Blockchain Report (@blockchainreport)

Follow this channel to get the latest news on blockchain projects on your news feed. They provide among the most comprehensive journalism on blockchain innovations. Any project that they market or talk about is sure to grab eyeballs or be taken seriously. Currently, over 3.5k followers have access to their Instagram account.

8.     Matthew Timothy (@officialcryptoland)

This one is another YouTube veteran who is now active on Instagram too. Matthew is himself a crypto trader and posts regular memes on blockchain projects. To get detailed crypto trading advice, you can go to his YouTube account and check out his videos. He has a total of 7.8k followers on his Instagram account.

9.     Patrick Bet-David (@patrickpetdavid)

Patrick has been an active entrepreneur from a very young age and is also the owner of PHP agency. He is the host of a show called Valuetainment, which covers a host of industries and technologies, including blockchain. With a charming personality and a follower base of 259k, he is one of the most effective influencers on the platform.

10.      Maria Jones (@thebitcoinwoman)

The VP of Cointelegraph, Maria Jones is a woman making it big in an industry dominated by men. She is a digital entrepreneur and partners with projects that she considers interesting, the latest being SportsLedger. She is also active on YouTube. On Instagram, she has around 200k followers.

The Popularity of Instagram in Influencer Marketing

There are many more such ICO and blockchain influencers on Instagram. Influencer marketing on this social network has made it easy for brands to engage with Generation Z, who are digitally savvy and more socially connected than their predecessors. This generation is not so keen on reading long paragraphs and product descriptions. With the advent of high-tech smartphones that have camera sensors that are as good as costly DSLRs, photos are becoming the ideal medium to spread information.

Actually, influencer marketing is not even fully confined to just celebrities. “Regular” people are now gaining popularities online due to their unique opinions and perspectives, according to an article on Forbes. People want to trust ordinary experts, not someone who will not lose much even if their million dollar investment was to sink. If you look closely at the list above, not all are celebrities. However, they are all united by a common thread, which is their passion for blockchain.

Due to an engagement rate of 3.21%, the platform is becoming one of the best mediums for brands to partner with influencers and reach new audiences quickly, says an article on Later. In 2017, Instagram had around 12.9 million brand sponsored influencer posts, which is expected to double in 2018, to a market size that is approximately $1.7 billion in value.

This will create an industry in itself. There will be intermediaries who will act as the bridge between brands and influencers. All this will only speed up the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. More industries will be disrupted and we, the end-users, will only benefit from it all.