ICOs came into the limelight last year, offering startups a novel way of raising funds and turning their dreams into reality. The picture is not all rosy. For every Filecoin that raised over $200 million, there are hundreds of others that failed to kickstart their ventures.

Having an innovative idea that could solve a real problem is just not enough. If you’re planning an ICO, remember that you’ll be navigating a competitive landscape with hundreds of startups trying to grab investor attention. And, once you’ve caught their attention, you’d need to convince them of the prospect of good returns. So, how do you do that?

The first step is to have an awesome website – one that converts visitors to contributors. To achieve this, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Create a High Converting Website for Your ICO Token Sale

The First Screen

Get straight to the point. Use this space to state your project mission or the problem you intend to solve. Include a call to action.

AdHive tells you right at the onset that its “The first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform”. And, it invites you to give your email address to “stay tuned” with their updates.

Similarly, Filecoin immediately mentions what it is – a “decentralized storage network” – and then states the opportunity – “A massive amount of storage sits unused in data centers and hard drives around the world”.

Visit adbank’s website, and bam… the problem and the call to action are in your face.

Explain Your Project

Be as comprehensive and detailed as possible. Include what you wish to build, benefits to the user, how it works, how would the tokens be used and roadmap for completion. Document everything. Then begin summarizing (making bullet lists). Your website would offer a snapshot, while the white paper would elaborate on all details.

Funding Related Information

Your website is the main source of information for investors. Don’t miss out on telling them important things like token price, presale dates, token sale dates, soft and hard caps and how the funds will be used.

Include Visual

Most people don’t have the patience to go through a lot of text. So, you can include videos, interviews, graphics and infographics to explain your idea. If used cleverly, gifs are also a good tool (and don’t forget to make them sharable).

Here are some examples for inspiration. Both trade.io and Filecoin have used videos to explain their projects. But, while trade.io used an animated explainer video, Filecoin created an intro video to tell its story.

You could use graphics to explain the project.

And, an infographic for the project the roadmap or the token timelines.

Use visuals to represent anything in an attractive and easy to understand way.

Build Credibility

  • Team members: Provide elaborate details of team members, with their images, academic achievements and experience. You can provide links to their personal social profiles (LinkedIn would be most appropriate). But, ensure that their profiles are strong.
  • Advisors: If you haven’t got any on board yet, choose them carefully.
  • Associates: Mention any partnerships or associations that you may have formed. Use their logos.
  • Media coverage: This can be done with an image like the one below:


Choose your colors wisely. You want your website to have a professional feel. Remember, you’re not attracting users of your product. You’re trying to raise funds. Bold colors can be used, but restrict the colors to two.

Don’t forget to mention all your social links (FB, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, etc.). Last, but not the least, keep a tab on the load time. Make sure that your website can cope with a large number of concurrent users.