ICO banners play an important part in the marketing campaign for a token sale. A traditional form of digital advertising, banners help increase your exposure online. They are also a method of showing the world how creative your team can get. Along with creativity, placing them at the right places is key to garnering more registrations. Here are some tips to make the most of banner advertising for ICOs.

Define the Structure of Your Banner Ads Properly

Technically, a banner needs to have four elements. The first element is the ICO or coin logo. By now, you have preferably decided upon the logo design for your company. The choice of colours and font is an important factor here; your logo is what will help in brand recall and will become the identity of your coin for the foreseeable future, which will get listed on exchanges. The logo should ideally be the first element a viewer sees in your banner.

Then comes the value proposition. This has to be very precise. In very few words you should be able to tell the onlooker what your project is all about. The logo and the value proposition should be distinguishable from each other. Keep in mind to include something that creates a buzz.

The fourth element is a bold and direct “Call-To-Action,” a push to the reader to click on your link. The more buzz you create, the greater will be the urgency to click. The CTA button should stand out from the rest of the banner design. If investors have to search for the link to click on, this could put them off researching or taking a further interest in your ICO project.

Ensure Consistent Branding

You banner ad should resemble your marketing campaign on other platforms. This includes keeping the colours, fonts and theme exactly the same as those in your ICO videos, whitepaper, website and other marketing materials. Consistency in branding is key to creating a cohesive and unique brand image that’s instantly recognisable.

Filecoin ICO Banner

A Still image from Filecoin ICO Video

You Could Consider Moving Images

If you have the budget, why not opt for a moving image? This is a great way to catch the investor’s eye and create a lasting impression. Animation is becoming quite popular in banner ads nowadays, and there are plenty of tools to create just the right one. People often register images faster than words. Moreover, slideshows could allow you to fit in more information. Experts suggest that the average animation on banner ads lasts up to about 10 seconds, including multiple frames. So, be precise and get the message across in the first few seconds. Avoid unnecessary waffle and distractions.

All this will depend on the amount of space you have at hand too. Be aware to not overcrowd the space, since that will ruin the entire viewer experience. Space is at a premium here, so keep it simple and elegant.

Get Noticed on Important Sites

Target the most relevant sites for your banner ads, so that they get maximum views from interested parties. It is mostly the ICO listing sites that serve this purpose, but there are plenty of other sites dedicated to crypto news too. Note that your banner ads should match the design of the websites they appear on, in terms of size, imagery, background colour and so on. There are typical banner sizes according to industry specific norms. Check if the size looks good on the mobile versions of the websites too. This will make investors more likely to click on your ads.

In the end, banner ads are great for increasing exposure for your ICO. Investors should be attracted by the imagery and the value proposition so much so that they click on the given link. Use analytic tools like A/B testing to find out if the banners are helping generate a good amount of traffic to your ICO website. Continuous analysis will save time and precious money.