The Reddit website, fashionably called the “front page of the internet,” is used by millions of users worldwide, every day. Around 1.69 billion users have access to this popular forum, with the US accounting for the biggest share of the desktop traffic, followed by the UK and Canada. With a hugely active crypto community, it is the perfect place to educate the public about new ideas and innovations, and to score high on community engagement.

ICO marketing on Reddit is a crucial aspect of a successful token launch.

Hundreds and Thousands of Sub-Reddits

If you see the site, it has been divided into numerous sub-reddits. These are message boards, quite similar to other discussion forums, where each message has hundreds of user-generated discussion threads. In fact, there are popular sub-reddits dedicated to cryptocurrencies alone. For instance, r/altcoin covers news releases about everything related to altcoins, including new launches, regulatory developments, blockchain innovations and more. It has garnered over 70k subscribers. This would be a perfect place to announce your token launch or project idea. The announcement threads can contain an easy-to-understand summary of your project and the underlying technology. Be sure to include your token economics and details pertaining to important team members.

There are plenty of communities like these on Reddit. r/Cryptocurrency has 711k subscribers and contains plenty of coin analysis topics.

Investors Can Get All Their Questions Answered

“Ask-Me-Anything” (AMA) are real-time Q&A sessions on Reddit which are very popular among ICO owners and marketing teams. Fellow Redditors can ask anything about the project’s development and future roadmap directly to the ICO owners. This helps in lending huge credibility to projects and reduces anxieties for potential investors. It is also an apt way to engage your community. Many projects gain useful insights from other experts online and include the feedback to make things better. Scams are, unfortunately, a regular part of the ICO world. This is why, the more effective your conversations are with the community, the more transparent and credible your project will appear.

Make sure to answer questions in a timely manner, however. It would be great to have an expert onboard answering these questions. Technically, people look forward to hearing the CEO or COO, so that they can put a face to the project.

An AMA by the Space Telescope Science Institute has over 116 comments. They have mentioned their project in short and also provided plenty of Twitter and website links. The fact that 89% of the people have upvoted this AMA session, conducted by a team of astronomers, should give hope to ICO owners about gaining visibility.

Upvotes Can Be Bought

Reddit users can upvote or downvote posts they like or dislike. Posts with a high number of upvotes tend to feature at the top of the page, followed by others. If you want to spread the word about your token launch, your posts need to get upvoted. Of course, valuable content is the best way to garner upvotes. On the other hand, you can also buy upvotes from third-parties. For a specific fee, these third-party vendors guarantee a certain number of upvotes. These firms sometimes have dedicated people on their payroll, who manage the positioning of posts and also employ VPNs to disguise the accounts from where upvotes come from. If more positive responses are displayed higher than the negative ones, people will notice your project.

Take a look at this thread on r/ethtrader. If you sort the threads according to “hot” option, the trending topics with high upvotes figure at the top.

Engage with the Community

The good thing about Reddit is that it allows you to take investors to sources of information beyond the platform. If an important publication has featured you, share the link on your sub-reddit, inviting people to see and comment. This is an effective strategy to position yourself as an expert in the field. Your content creation team will have a significant role to play in this, curating articles on what issues the token addresses. Investors will be convinced that they are putting money into a worthwhile project.

Keep in mind that many crypto sub-reddits require you to have previous experience on the platform. Your account age and comment “karma” is taken into consideration. “Karma” is kind of social proof of your account. Your views will be taken seriously if you have a high karma score.

It would be ideal for all the ICO team members to have active Reddit accounts. They can share information pertaining to the industry they are working in. They could create their own blog posts and share them with followers. Your team could also subscribe to other communities and sub-reddits, commenting on posts and upvoting deserving posts. You can post your articles on someone else’s high authority blog, instead of your own, too. Some people call it “Surrogate SEO.”

Be Aware of “Flair Names” or Tags

On Reddit, posts have tags or icons that make it easier for readers to search for specific content. These are called “flair names” and appear next to the usernames and posts. When you are posting something, an option called “Flair” will pop up under the post subject. To create your own flair, look at the right-hand sidebar for “show my flair in this subreddit.”

Every community uses this option in different ways. Crypto-communities in particular lay great emphasis on assigning the right flairs. You can even enable flair options for users to let your posts be visible in different categories.

Your choice of flair will allow your content to pop up in relevant searches, so choose wisely.

There are plenty of digital marketing strategies to promote ICOs. Reddit has proven to be a great educational as well as promotional platform for ICOs around the world. However, the platform also follows a strict code of conduct regarding discussions and posts. Make sure that you always maintain the decorum of a community.

Also, the concept of “Karma-score” means that your marketing strategy on the platform has to start much before the launch of your token sale.