According to Coinschedule, an online ICO tracker website, over $21 billion has been raised by 939 ICOs, with EOS alone raising over $4 billion, by November 7, 2018. Success was possible thanks a good project idea and business plan as well as a strong crypto community, around which the projects were built.

An ICO website plays a major role in the success of any ICO, since it not only engages potential investors, but also serves as the central resource for the entire crypto community. Your website is your visiting card for the ICO, the place where potential investors develop their first impressions of the project. A good website creates a strong foundation for your marketing campaign.

Here’s a look at some of the key considerations for designing an impactful website for your blockchain project.

Features of a Great ICO Website

1.      Mobile Friendly

Given that 52.2% of all internet traffic in 2018 is from mobile devices, can any business afford not to have a mobile compatible website?  In fact, experts suggest that rather than merely thinking of mobile compatibility, ICO websites should take a mobile-first approach in their design.

2.      Fast Loading

Google Analytics data reveals that 53% of people accessing websites through their smartphones will abandon it if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. There are various elements of web design such has large images that could increase load times. It is crucial to identify these elements and find alternative solutions for them. Improvements can be made in this department by checking the speed of the website on Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights by Google.

3.      Search Engine Optimised

Did you know that 91% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of search results? That should tell you just how important it is to optimise your website for leading search engines, such that you appear not just on the first SERP, but among the top 10 results, if not the first 3. In fact, according to an Ahrefs study of 1 billion web pages, 90.88% of all pages on the Content Explorer index get no traffic from Google at all! The first step then is to create original, high quality content that includes well-researched keywords, while also ensuring all meta-tags and alt tags contain relevant keywords.

4.      Content Management System Enabled

A content management system or CMS is the best way to ease the creation, management and maintenance of a website via a single interface. It not only makes the site more efficient, it allows for the creation of uniform, standardised web pages, easing the process of making changes, inserting meta and alt tags, text styles and links, without the need for coding. Most importantly, it optimises pages for search engines.

5.      Analytics Enabled

Analytics is the best way to determine the outcome of the investment you have made on your website and its outreach. ICO website design should include functional indicators, such as traffic, goals and conversions. This can help you tweak your web pages for maximum impact.

6.      Conversion Optimised

Use tools for developing campaign landing pages. These pages can keep potential investors engaged and lead them to schedule an appointment, request a product demo or even invest in the project.

7.      Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool. Your ICO website should have a visitor information form synced with the email marketing system for smooth access and engagement with potential investors. This system should send emails about various events and updates related to the project.

8.      Social Media Links

Blockchain projects need the support of the crypto community and social media plays a major role in helping you achieve just that. So, make sure you create profiles and pages on all relevant social media platforms, especially Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bitcointalk and more. Links to all these social media accounts should be easily visible on your website, as well as all online marketing, with prominent calls to action. It allows users to quickly access and check your social media accounts, enabling them to contact you or engage with your project.

9.      Strong Security Features

Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks, investors are concerned regarding security. Therefore, your ICO website should have security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks, to protect clients and user data. Two factor authentication, concurrent connection limits, encrypted Transport Layer Security and other advanced security features can also be integrated.

10.  A Strong Headline

A headline conveys the purpose of your project. Consider whether your target audience consists of speculators, developers or investors before creating a headline. A good headline can immediately engage your target audience and hook them to read on.

11.  Engaging Explanation

This is used to give investors an idea about the project, its benefits, the technology used and why it is worth their investment. Infographics and diagrams are a great means to explain the project, especially to novice investors. You can also add an explainer video to give a better idea of the project and what it has to offer.

12.  The Whitepaper

The whitepaper is a key element of your marketing strategy. Make sure you include a link to the whitepaper with a clear Call to Action button to encourage visitors to read or download it.

13.  The Roadmap

The roadmap of your project not only shows how your blockchain solution will pan out but also gives an indication of your commitment to making it work. It should include important dates and milestones to be achieved at least over the next 12 months. It helps to establish the authenticity of the project and the team, while also fostering a sense of trust among potential investors. It gives a brief idea about the plan and how the project is going to accomplish its goals.

14.  Tokenomics

To prove that your project is viable and sustainable, and how the token functions within your blockchain ecosystem, you need to clearly explain the token economy. This is where you can also provide information about how capital is going to be raised and how is it going to be utilised to generate profits for investors. You should also put in how the use of the token will drive up its value over time.

15.  Team and Advisors

It is the project team and its advisors that can help build credibility and trust for your ICO. So, make sure that you put in the names of key team members, with their photos, links to their LinkedIn profiles and a short description of their role, expertise and experience.

16.  Legalese

With the regulatory framework still being developed across the world for ICOs, having legal counsel on board and assuring the target audience that your project is compliant with existing regulations is important. You can mention licenses that have already been obtained or will be obtained in future.


The ICO website should be developed to engage and assure investors that their investment is going to yield results. This is also where you establish the value of your blockchain solution and its future potential.