ICOs managed to successfully rake in over $5 billion in 2017 alone, with alt coins growing in popularity. In fact, funds collected via ICOs have overtaken those collected from venture capitalists in the last 2 years.

However, not every ICO achieves its desired goal. A large part of ICO success can be credited to how well the project establishes its online presence. And, the first step in this is to create an ICO website that is both appealing and informative, engaging potential investors.


Features of a Good ICO Website

·        Simple and Effective Structure

With so much competition out there, people shouldn’t have to look hard to find the information they need regarding your ICO. For this reason, it’s essential to have an ICO website with a simple and effective structure. All content should be accessible and easy to read. Long paragraphs simply aren’t appealing, so be sure to maximise functionality and provide facts regarding the project, its unique features, the solution it brings, how that solution will work, the tokenomics and how investors stand to gain. A project roadmap must also be included that’s realistic and appealing to investors.

·        Interactive Design

An engaging website that’s interactive and simple to navigate is a must. It should also look professional because it is the first thing that potential investors will see regarding your ICO project. Your website is where you start building the value of your brand. Be sure to use CTA buttons prominently, but avoid being overly salesy as this can be off-putting.

·        Include Visuals/Videos

Blockchain technology might seem complex to investors who are not tech-savvy. For this reason, it’s a great idea to incorporate explainer videos and images into your site as this will help to portray your project in a simple and interesting way. Visuals can also be shared across social media which will in turn help to extend the outreach of your brand.


5 Best ICO Website Designs

1.     AdHive

AdHive has a splendid design that offers information on everything an investor would want to know in a compact and organised manner. The landing page has a dark background with several eye-catching bright spots. A beehive pattern has been used to present the whitepaper, information video and other necessary details. Most of the information is provided in the form of videos or infographics and simple charts, making it easy for the visitor to understand what the project is all about. Roadmaps and future goals are also easily accessible to new users and existing investors. All the information on this ICO website is available in 5 languages.


2.     Eligma

Eligma is an Artificial Intelligence driven cognitive commerce platform. The landing page has typed black and yellow text on a dark background making the text standout. There is a counter, as well as CTA buttons with a lot of interactive options. Everything has been presented precisely, in a compact form, with the help of infographics. You get to watch videos about the project and follow the roadmap. This site is available in English and Slovenian.


3.     Sharpay

Sharpay has an organised design. The landing page consists of concise information about the ICO project. Along with a link to the whitepaper you’ll also find live chat options, a CTA button counter to buy tokens immediately and links to all the social media accounts. The site is available in a number of languages and is therefore accessible to users from around the globe. Much of the data is represented in infographic form, making it easier for visitors to understand the information provided. The overall design is simple, user friendly and powerful, and even has an image of a Shar Pei puppy.


4.     Bloom

This ICO website from blockchain solution Bloom is engaging thanks to its visually impressive graphics and bold topography. All information is presented in a concise and playful manner with dropdown menus making navigation a breeze. Call to action buttons such as Sign Up and Log In are in blue which contrasts nicely with the white background helping them to stand out.


5.     CashBet Coin

CashBet Coin has incorporated blockchain technology into its iGaming platform. Its loading page gives crisp and necessary information to visitors. The grid system and use of white space is clever, enhancing the user experience.

It is important to remember that pitching to ICO investors is very different from pitching to venture capitalists. Often, the success of an ICO is achieved by attracting the interest of multiple investors and creating a thriving ICO community –rather than relying on one significant project contributor. For this reason, your website really has to be accessible and easy to navigate with an attractive design. Translating it into multiple languages will also widen your appeal.