Blockchain technology has dominated the headlines and positively disrupted many industries in recent months – and now blockchain-related events are themselves making news.

From 7-11 September 2018, some of the brightest minds in the blockchain space will embark on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise, setting sail from Barcelona towards Monte Carlo, France and Italy, before returning to its original harbour.

The entire vessel has been reserved exclusively for the blockchain event, which will host more than 2,500 attendees and 150 media representatives from over 55 countries worldwide. The 4-day event will include workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and seminars on pressing issues associated with the blockchain industry, cryptocurrency trading and investments.

CoinsBank Cruise Events in the Past

This is not the first time that CoinsBank has combined a conference with a luxury cruise. This will be the third time that they are hosting such an event. In the past, CoinsBank has conducted similar events in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. Apart from providing top class entertainment and a stylish environment, CoinsBank aims to accelerate the growth of the blockchain industry by facilitating networking opportunities between industry participants.

The passengers on the cruise will not only be top management officials from various companies, but also researchers, marketers, tech innovators and blockchain journalists, who will get plenty of opportunities to engage with important influencers, thought leaders and blockchain evangelists, through panel discussions as well as leisure activities like pool parties, shore excursions and exclusive dinners. CoinsBank has arranged an exhibition zone where tech startups will get the chance to showcase their project ideas to venture capitalists on an open-mic stage.

Important Speakers on the Cruise

The event will feature notable names from the industry, who will share their knowledge with crypto enthusiasts from around the world. John McAfee, CEO of MGT Capital Investments, makes a comeback this year. Sharing the dais with him will be Roger Ver, CEO of, and Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC and board member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Other speakers include Tone Vays (blockchain consultant & researcher), Taavi Roivas (former Prime Minister of Estonia), Olga Feldmeier (CEO of Smart Valor), Naeem Aslam (FX columnist at Forbes), Maria Jones (VP at Cointelegraph), Giacomo Zucco (Director at BHB.Network) and Bruce Porter (Chairman and CEO of GlobalBoost).

Agenda of the Cruise Event

A significant area of interest will be the efficient management of cryptocurrency investments. The cruise will include quite a few lectures and workshops on trading techniques, strategies, security and scalability issues of networks. The aim will be to come up with meaningful insights on issues plaguing crypto exchanges and trading activities. With the absence of defined regulatory frameworks, the market is full of bad players and manipulative traders, who cause huge volatility in coin prices.

Regulatory framework will obviously be an important part of the agenda. In recent times, many countries have faced difficulties in the valuation of crypto assets and tokens. The US SEC has already hinted at accepting security tokens in trading exchanges that follow definitive guidelines. Events like this will help shape the systems of the future. A lot of future ICO owners or creators will be a part of this event and they will get the opportunity to learn more about the latest guidelines and practices in the blockchain industry.

The final agenda will cover blockchain innovations detailing ways in which the technology can be harnessed to solve real-world issues, outside the boundaries of the fintech space. The event will try to understand the technology in theory and practice, thereby paving the way for faster mainstream adoptions.

Entertainment on the Sea

CoinsBank has assured that the guests on board will have the time of their lives. They have organised scrumptious dinners, spectacular display events at night, parties on the pool deck and a 24-hour open-bar reception. In Ibiza, the last stop, the hosts will put on a grand sunset BBQ party, with celebrities and world-famous DJs in attendance.

We have seldom heard of such examples of luxury vacationing combined with lucrative business and learning opportunities. With the help of notable media houses and travel partners, CoinsBank looks set to host an innovative, enjoyable and educational event this year.