The social Q&A platform, Quora, has been used by marketers from time to time in different ways, beyond the traditional concept of asking and answering questions. There are marketers who privately message users with answers to specific questions. Others like to upvote replies and then there are those who like to file similar questions into topic categories.

Quora’s user base has increased significantly in the last few years. For an ICO marketer hoping to take a unique and useful blockchain solution to the masses, this platform could provide an ideal base to engage investors or establish credibility. It can be a source of long-term networking and traffic generation to ICO websites, telling people about the value-add of their project.

Building a Suitable Quora Profile

Creating an optimal profile for the ICO is the first step in using the platform. And, the profiles here are very simple in contrast to other platforms, like Facebook. Quora generally shows the first 50 characters of your bio, each time you answer a specific question. So, get creative and write a description that explains your project in the most clear and concise manner, something like “Blockchain Solution for Empowering the Retail Sector.” Include links to your ICO website in your full bio. You can also choose to have topic-specific bios, so that you can answer a wide variety of questions. It would be great if all the prominent members of your team have their own profiles. Direct communication with a founder or co-founder is always preferable, rather than a marketer or social media profile handler.

Also, your profile should stand out and show off your token’s unique value. Your company should come across as one that is passionate about taking blockchain to the next level.

Asking and Answering the Right Questions

This is what Quora is all about; answering people’s questions in the best way you can. You can also create questions that would engage more people. Ask something related to your project, perhaps about an aspect or an issue that is going to get resolved or simplified with the use of blockchain offering. This is a good opportunity to also understand the common notions about existing problems.

Wording appropriate questions so that someone might be interested in answering them is also important here. Remember, viral questions and answers have the power to bring traffic to your ICO website. Any answers you write should not be too long and should be devoid of unnecessary fluff. Do not forget to include the appropriate keywords in your answers.

It is important that you respond to questions quickly too.

Be Creative with the Answers

Quora’s unique benefit is the way it can establish you as someone who is an authority on a certain topic, so answer in a passionate way. Cite reputable sources in your answers and make them visually appealing with images. Include bullet points so that readers can easily comprehend complicated processes.

There is a thin line between creating awareness and becoming too promotional. Your answers do not need to be connected to your token all the time, but they should always be engaging, something that compels the reader to check out your profile. Include the link to your whitepaper and add links to positive reports about your ICO in the press or links to blog articles written by other team members. You can always find a particular blog post where you had previously answered a lot of questions pertaining to the topic. Go find the right questions on Quora and then link back to your blog article. You could also add links to your YouTube videos and reviews by influencers.

You also have to find threads that contain interesting answers that are fairly long. A popular answer leads to a thousand views, so find threads that have a large number of upvotes.

Quora is a unique social media platform. It allows for one-on-one interaction with your user base, so use it wisely in your favour.