The ICO industry is currently a huge rat race, where everyone is looking to make it big. ICO marketers have to find ways to make their token sales stand out from the crowd and reach a wider target audience. To do this, marketing campaigns tend to focus on multiple channels, including forums, crypto communities, websites and blogs. Another medium for marketers is social media, where a significant number of people can be reached and informed about the token sale.

Here are some of the social media platforms that must feature in your ICO marketing list.


Facebook, with 2 billion users, surpasses every other social media platform. It is a great way to inform people who might not be very active on crypto communities. A Facebook page about the ICO will continuously release posts in the feeds of people who have liked the page. Another advantage of Facebook is its non-existent word count limit, unlike some other platforms. Marketers can post long paragraphs, explaining every aspect of the ICO and the project’s value. They can include videos and images in their posts. The threaded nature of the posts also allows a lot of discussion between various members. The platform, however, doesn’t allow crypto-related ads, owing to a large number of fake accounts and scam pages that surfaced in the recent past.


This platform not only gives access to its large user base, but it also has a thriving crypto community. It provides marketers good analytical data, helping them determine the success or failure of their Twitter campaigns. It would be great if experts of cryptocurrency could talk about your token sale in their tweets. Twitter accounts can also have ‘pinned tweets’, which stay on top of a user’s profile. Twitter has followed Facebook and is now banning ads but that doesn’t hold you back from tweeting and connecting with influencers.


This is a big online message board and community. Reddit has almost 8 billion monthly page views and can be a great medium to promote your ICO. The site is organised into thousands of smaller message boards, called ‘sub-reddits’. The ICOs featured in these sub-reddits have higher SEO exposure, since threads appear in top searches for keywords. Most of all, the user-base on Reddit is pre-dominantly young and tech-savvy.


Telegram is free and good for networking with people from other forums and channels. The end-to-end encryption on the platform also provides an extra layer of security. The channel is free and can be run on multiple devices simultaneously. Nowadays, an ICO is considered successful if there are a good number of subscribers for it on Telegram.


Steemit is described as a blockchain-based social media platform. It rewards people for publishing content on it. Blog posts are one way to spread information here. The amount earned on Steemit also depends on the number of votes an author gets for their post and the amount of Steem power available. The ‘curation reward system’ enables only high-quality posts to get up-voted. You can look to convince large Steem Power holders to vote for your posts, which makes it more visible.

An effective campaign will include all these channels and many others to ensure success. However, the most important element in attracting potential investors is, as always, the content.