Videos about ICOs are one of the most useful ways to tell people about upcoming projects and launches. The power of storytelling scores high here, as compared to reading lengthy whitepapers, which are sometimes difficult to understand for the average person. Videos are not only an easy way to explain the technology to consumers, but also brings in the transparency and credibility, putting a human face to the project.

Added to this is the support provided by the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube. Six out of 10 people prefer online videos to live TV today. YouTube, with its consumer base spanning 88 countries and more than a billion subscribers, is becoming a hot way to grab eyeballs for ICOs. The popularity and preference for premium online videos and its availability on different devices makes it a compulsory marketing tool for blockchain startups.

Picture Quality and Sound

It goes without saying that the videos need to be of a high quality. Some of the most brilliant minds are behind every ICO, people who are pioneers of futuristic technology. So, expectations are high here. High standard sound and picture quality are the basics therefore.

Get Your Title and Keywords Right

The title is the most important piece of information that will arouse curiosity about the project. It has to be attention grabbing. A compelling title will be the one that includes a CTA. This will drive user engagement. Apart from the title, search engines rely on keywords heavily to provide users with relevant content. Make sure you mention your project name and technology in the keywords.

Take a look at this YouTube video, released by Kepler Technologies, on April 12, 2018. The title mentions the word “ICO” and the caption, “Contribute to the creation of the future,” which makes it sounds so inviting. People are driven to find out more about this project because they are curious to know their role in the future (the Call to Action).

The video also uses all the right keywords. Check out how they have repeatedly used the term ICO, in “ICO about Robotics,” “ICO about Augments,” “ICO 2018” and so on.

[“keywords”: “ICO, Keplertek, Kepler Technologies, Best ICO, Best ICO 2018, cryptocurrency, Hightech, Robotics, AI, Artificial Inteligence, ICO about Robotics, ICO about AI, ICO about Augments, Augment”]

On the other hand, take a look at this video published by GOeureka, on April 2, 2018. They haven’t mentioned “ICO” either in their title or in their keywords.

The two videos have got their meta-titles right though. They are short and crisp and tell you about the project at a glance.

Compelling Storytelling

Visual content always scores high above printed content, for its power to engage the audience through stories and pictures. A blockchain project mostly revolves around solving some existing problem in society and infrastructure. A well thought out solution always attracts investors. The video should make the viewer believe that they are investing in something that adds value to society, apart from the usual moneymaking business.

Doing so will create a lasting impact and captivate a variety of audiences. Remember, YouTube is made available in 76 different languages, so reaching out to diverse cultures will be easy.

Take, for instance, this YouTube video released by Filecoin, in July 2017. If you remember, Filecoin was one of the highest grossers in the ICO segment in 2017. Juan Benet, the founder, talks with such passion about his project, explaining how the team shaped the concept, using real world examples. The visuals are enticing and the inclusion of the actual team members is helpful, which brings us to the next point.

Including Team Members in the Video

It is time to give those names in the whitepaper a face of their own. When team members talk about their upcoming ICO, it establishes credibility and transparency. This is important in this age of ICO scams spreading fear amongst investors and consumers alike. Include the team members in the videos and let them address the people directly. The content should always be balanced. Technical terms are difficult to understand, so keep it simple. An example of a great YouTube video with the team speaking passionately is that of They also have a good range of videos covering the team, their vision and explainer animations that you can check out here.

Use of Animation

Animations are great for explaining a complex idea easily. They also help in increasing conversion rates online. Some of the best explainer videos are animated on YouTube. Take for instance this Globitex ICO explainer video. They are explaining the concept of a Bitcoin exchange with so much clarity, using animations. The colours are appealing too.

An ICO video released by Paragoncoin also appears quite interesting and funny, something that will attract viewers.

Pay Attention to User Feedback

The more users interact with the videos, the higher it will be ranked by YouTube, in terms of relevance and content. Include a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe and comment on your videos or channels. Try to read through the comments and answer their queries. Link cards can be used here to direct viewers to your website, whitepaper or other pages.

YouTube Influencers

Get a popular crypto YouTube channel to promote your ICO videos. Influencers have dedicated YouTube channels to talk about and review various ICOs. Today, they form an integral part of all ICO marketing strategies. Influencers have huge following on YouTube and if they endorse your project, the chances of success can be multiplied for your ICO.

YouTube is a great source of content. Almost 400 hours of video are uploaded on the channel every minute. No wonder then that hundreds of ICOs are being advertised here. These videos allow startups to show their passion for an idea, something that can’t always be put across in words alone.