According to a survey commissioned by Olapic and conducted by CITE research, 31% of consumers across the US and Europe have purchased a specific product or service based on the recommendations of a social influencer or thought leader. With the ban on crypto advertisement by Facebook, Twitter, Google and more, the need for thought leaders in crypto marketing has significantly increased.

Most aspects of the cryptocurrency world seem highly complex to the common investor. The thought leader bridges the gap and breaks down complex technical concepts into a relatively easy and digestible form suitable for the not-so-tech-savvy. Since the common investor doesn’t have time to follow every new development in the crypto world, thought leaders become rich sources of information and analysis for the crypto community. Thought leaders in the crypto world produce videos, blogs and other content on a regular basis regarding new blockchain projects, scams, developments in regulations and more.

However, to be considered a thought leader, you need to establish effective personal branding. Here’s a look at ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in the crypto community.

Build Credibility as an Expert

It is your knowledge about the crypto sphere that will build trust and followers. So, write articles, reviews and guides to showcase yourself as an expert in the field. The more places you are visible to users, the greater credibility you are likely to achieve within the crypto community. If you are just beginning, create content to show off your skills. Focus on writing for as many publications as possible, until you get an author account. Keep writing for publications while expanding your audience and refining your expertise. This is how you can expand your digital outreach rapidly.

Become a Digital Patron

Educating consumer and your targeted market requires effort. Create diverse content, from whitepapers, coin reviews and e-books to webinars, infographics and videos, which can all be accessed by your audience base for free. The more you provide insights into the crypto ecosystem, the more helpful you’ll become to your target audience.

Know your Audience

Invest some time in understanding your target audience. Knowing what their needs, problems, aspirations and desires are can go a long way in setting the tone with which you address them. Study the platforms that your target audience spends a majority of their time on. This will help you discover the most suitable social media platforms for the best return on investment. When you know your audience, you fulfil their needs and, thereby, encourage customer loyalty and growth in your audience base.

Learn to Leverage PR Opportunities

Don’t miss out on opportunities to brand yourself on online platforms or within the crypto community. Remain active on current events, product launches and other events related to the crypto community. Be an expert resource for the media and look for chances to give interviews.

Build Networks with Other Influencers

Don’t hesitate to network and collaborate with your competitors in the crypto industry. Actively follow other thought leaders and comment on their content with your own insights. Learning what they do can also help you to fine tune your own strategy. Essentially you should build connections with top influencers in order to increase your knowledge, get new ideas and become more visible in the crypto space.

Be Consistent

Consistency in this sphere means providing fresh content on a regular basis, be it blogs, webinars or videos. Share your content across all your social media accounts. Being a standout thought leader is difficult if you are inconsistent with content, since your audience won’t be able to rely on you. Also, develop a standout branding style to give your content a unique identity.

Brand Your Look

All the content that you create should be fresh and have the same look and feel so it’s instantly associated with your own thought leader brand. Create a list of fonts, colours and designs that you want to include throughout your crypto marketing materials and ensure your tone is consistent across all content types.

Have a Unique Personality

When creating a personal brand, don’t be afraid to draw in on your personality traits and use your individual characteristics to your advantage. Boring doesn’t sell, so be quirky, humorous and enthusiastic when producing content – be it a blog or a video post.

According to recent research, customers are using more ad blockers because they don’t find traditional advertising compelling. Thought leaders are the future of crypto marketing. They have a specific target audience and they know how to engage the audience with a specific token or project to spread its outreach and value.