A new research paper by Imperial College, London, states that cryptocurrencies are on the verge of mass adoption. While coins like Bitcoin will become mainstream modes of payment, other ICOs will also garner much interest, depending on their token’s ‘spendability’ and usability.

With an increase in mainstream adoption, the appeal of blockchain across different industries will also increase. More and more people will be interested in investing in this technology and these people will come from different backgrounds and cultures. The important question for ICO owners now is – How to market an ICO to a diverse audience? The answer to this question holds the key to future success of a token launch.

Is the Audience Tech-Savvy?

When you are marketing an ICO to potential investors, you have to keep in mind that not all your investors are fluent in blockchain or cryptos. This means you need to cater to both crypto enthusiasts who are up to speed on everything blockchain, as well as new entrants to the space who are eager to learn. Based on this, your ICO marketing needs to be on specific platforms.

For the More Crypto-Savvy Audience


Reddit is the prime destination of many crypto investors and enthusiasts. The site has plenty of active crypto forums and communities, with members numbering in the millions. Discussions occur across thousands of ‘sub-reddits’, each tagged with different ‘flair names’. To reach out to a vast crypto-savvy audience, Reddit is a must in your marketing strategy.


Marketing an ICO on Telegram is all about having a big follower base on the platform. The channel has an active monthly user base of 200 million. ICO teams have used Telegram’s features of real-time interaction between brands and followers to their full advantage. Interesting conversations with members of the crypto community will spark a buzz around your project.

BitcoinTalk Forum

This is a forum containing discussions about every crypto topic under the sun. Do not go by the name, it has plenty of discussion threads concerning altcoins. ICO teams announce their projects here to catch the attention of the crypto community.

What About the Not-So-Crypto-Savvy People?

How do you market an ICO to a crypto novice? The first thing you should know is that this group consists of people who would like to know more about the growing applications of blockchain technology, but do not necessarily remain active on crypto forums. Therefore, Twitter and Facebook would be ideal places to start. Most people on this planet seem to have active profiles on these platforms. Twitter provides great analytical data to help determine the success of your campaigns. Facebook groups are also good places to target the youth.

Another option would be to write blog articles on platforms like Steemit and Medium. There is a “Curation Reward System” on Steemit, where people get paid to write quality content. Blog posts on Medium and Steemit will help spread the word about your ICO. Publishing articles on platforms like Forbes and Hackernoon will help people understand your complex technology in easier terms. Remember, this audience will not appreciate complex technical jargon. Make sure you communicate your technology in a simple manner. YouTube explainer videos can be great for this.

A Global Marketing Team

ICO marketing teams should have people who speak different languages. It is not the US or the UK, but rather countries like Cyprus, Estonia and Slovenia that are turning out to be popular hubs for ICO owners. So, with a global marketing team, members can create individual profiles on platforms like Slack, Telegram and Reddit, and constantly remain engaged with crypto communities across different time-zones.

Association with Thought Leaders and Experts

From musicians to sport stars, movie stars to models, the past couple of years have seen many world-renowned figures lending their voice to cryptocurrency projects. These people have millions of loyal fans across the world, from different ethnicities and cultures. It is a sure shot way to market your ICO globally, even to those who otherwise may not have been aware of the blockchain space.

In addition to celebrities, crypto influencers have also proven to be hugely successful in creating a buzz about an ICO. These are people who are well versed with the technology and the market and are trusted for their investment advice and ICO reviews by thousands of people from across the globe.

Women: A Growing Community within the Crypto Audience

The crypto space is still largely a male dominated world, but more and more women are foraying into the sector. Market research conducted by London Block Exchange concluded that the number of men investing in ICOs is dwindling, while women investors (approximately 13%) are slowly rising in number. Call it FOMO or looking for alternate investment options, women are becoming an important part of the global ICO audience. The fact that they are taking centre stage in conferences and bringing the technology into their businesses should be considered in your marketing strategy.

The bottom line is that a successful marketing campaign is one that is multi-channel and focused on a diverse audience.