Last year, we saw $3.7 billion being raised via ICOs. Amazing, right? But did you know that almost 60% of projects that launched ICOs in 2017 failed to raise their targeted funds? Even as people are rushing to invest, the token distribution market has becoming increasingly challenging, with hundreds of projects vying for attention.

It’s not enough to have a unique, innovative idea and a fabulous team committed to its success. You need to stand out. And, to achieve that, you need an exciting outreach programme, spearheaded by an exciting marketing strategy. Which is why choosing the right marketing agency for your ICO is vital to your success.

The success of an ICO depends on the quality of preparation. The best time to begin is 90 days before the ICO launch. Be sure to engage the marketing agency right from the start, even before you’ve created your website or begun working on your whitepaper.

Choosing a Strong Marketing Agency for Your ICO

With the ICO market booming, marketing agencies are mushrooming. It’s critical to be able to choose a great agency, to improve your ICO fundraising prospects. Here are some things you should look at:

Specialising in ICOs: Marketing ICOs is hugely different from marketing traditional start-ups. You need a marketing agency that is focused on ICOs.

Ensure it’s a Full-Service Agency: The marketing agency you choose must have expertise in website and content design. They should assist you with creating your website and all documents, including the whitepaper. They should use all channels to reach out to investors, including paid ads, press releases, social media and communities. It’s essential they address brand development and marketing communication in a holistic way; and rely on analytics to continuously finetune the campaign.

Track Record: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, check out their past performance. Look for case studies of previous ICO launches on their website and be clear about what their role was. Read about the kind of projects they have undertaken, the strategy they followed and the amount of funds these projects raised.

Knowledge: Before you begin discussing your requirements, ask the agency about the broader ICO market. This will give you an idea of whether the team is knowledgeable about the latest developments in the entire ICO ecosystem. Also, their level of excitement will tell you heaps about their involvement in the space.

Discerning: A good marketing agency will take the time to fully understand your project, your team, your aspirations and what you have achieved so far. Moreover, they would be focused on the long term.

Transparency: A good marketing agency will give you a clear picture of what they aim to achieve, the strategy they intend to follow and the amount of funds you will need to achieve your funding goals. Also, they should spend enough time to explain all the facts and get everyone on the same page.

And, here’s what to be wary of. If the promised results seem too good to be true, they probably are. Avoid agencies that claim to follow the best strategy, as every project needs customisation and improvisation. Also, don’t believe in agencies that seem to guarantee results. No one can guarantee results; they can only improve your chances of getting there.