How Much Have ICOs Raised & Which Verticals

ICOs emerged as a novel way of raising funds in 2013, but they really started gaining traction in 2016. And, 2017 turned out to be an incredible year for this method of fundraising. Only two months into 2018, and ICOs have already raised almost a third of the total raised the previous year.

Here’s a look at the total figures:


2016 2017 2018 (Jan-Feb)
Total Amount Raised ~$95 Million ~$3.88 Billion

~$1.17 Billion

Token Sales Become Mainstream

Startup funding has always been challenging. Thousands of entrepreneurs tried to compete for attention from a mere handful of venture capital firms and angel investors. The entire process is extremely tedious, time consuming and expensive. Also, many of these firms specialize in funding for a specific industry. Business loans are difficult to raise without offering security. Most of these methods of raising money require proof of concept.

Against this backdrop, ICOs came as a ray of hope. Even companies at the earliest stages can raise funds to get off the ground. And, the process is easier, with little investment friction. Offering such advantages, the popularity of token sales grew phenomenally.

The total amount raised via ICOs and the number of startups opting for token sales have risen over the past couple of years. But what’s even more incredible is that the topmost ICO in 2017 and so far in 2018 raised more funds than the total amount raised by all token sales put together in 2016.

Top Ten ICOs in 2016 

Name Total Raised in ICO
Waves ~$16.44 Million
Iconomi ~$10.58 Million
Golem ~$8.6 Million
SingularDTV ~$7.5 Million
Lisk ~$5.7 Million
Digix DAO ~$5.5 Million
FirstBlood ~$5.5 Million
Synereo ~$4.7 Million
Decent ~$4.18 Million
Antshares / NEO ~$3.61 Million

Top Ten ICOs in 2017 

Name Total Raised in ICO
Hdac ~$258 Million
Filecoin ~$257 Million
Tezos ~$232 Million
EOS ~$185 Million
Paragon ~$183.16 Million
Bancor ~$153 Million
Status ~$90 Million
BANKEX ~$70.6 Million
TenX ~$64 Million
Nebulas ~$60 Million

Top Ten ICOs in 2018 (January – February)

Name Total Raised in ICO
Envion ~$100 Million
Neuromation ~$71.67 Million
Crypterium ~$51.66 Million
SwissBorg ~$50 Million
Lendroid ~$47.5 Million
Iungo ~$45.98 Million
Fusion ~$42.19 Million
Bloom ~$41.42 Million
Mobius ~$39 Million
Current ~$36 Million

Verticals Attracting ICO Funding

Although initially only technology startups opted for the ICO route to raise funds, today startups from various industries are taking advantage of this new form of money raising. The most popular ICOs are still connected to technology in some way, but its spreading fast to other segments.

Let’s look at the figures from 2017 to get an idea of the verticals that attracted the largest share of ICO funding. Infrastructure accounted for more than a quarter of the total funds raised last year, while Finance and Payments raised almost a quarter of the total. Trading & Investing, Data Storage and Healthcare each account for nearly 10% of the total funds raised. Other verticals that raised significant funds were Gaming & Virtual Reality, Commerce & Advertising, Art & Music, Privacy & Security, Identity & Reputation and Legal.

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