Unlike traditional IPOs or venture funding, ICOs can be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. That is why the concept has gained much popularity. An important part of conducting token sale events is the ICO website, where registrations take place and potential investors get to know everything about the project; including gaining access to the whitepaper.

An FAQ section is a necessary part of such websites giving you the opportunity to answer ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in a precise manner without having to repeat yourself time and time again. Here is why FAQs are so important.

Building Relationships with Investors and Communities

The world of ICOs and token launches is built on trust and transparency. Potential investors will see your attempts to answer important queries and will consider your ICO trustworthy. A well-crafted FAQ section is important for this. As an ICO owner, you should have an understanding about what aspects of your project might seem daunting or confusing for investors and try to strategically answer them, publicly and prominently. This improves community engagement and also instills confidence in potential investors.

Alleviating Purchase Anxieties

Purchasing in this context is an investor opting to register for your token sale event. But, before that, the investor has to be convinced that the token is worth investing in. Investors might come to the FAQ section because the product pages or the whitepaper didn’t address their concerns directly. They might have not been able to understand the token economy or the underlying technology. The FAQ section is usually the first point of contact for investors, before they try to reach out directly to you with their questions. An FAQ section should be able to remove all the obstacles in the investor’s purchasing journey or even turn a casual visitor into a potential investor.

Improving Site Navigation and SEO Metrics

Your FAQ section can contain links to specific landing pages that will explain things further for the investor. Every service or product on the ICO website can be hyperlinked to suitable and relevant content. This helps when investors are hard-pressed for time. They can simply jump straight to the sections they are interested in. This is an integral part of improving site navigation and your product presentation. Another aspect this serves is search engine optimisation.

FAQs are a good way to enhance your ICO’s search engine rankings. People usually search for their problems, rather than keying in the solutions in the search box. If you ensure good content on this page, with relevant keywords related to your technology, search engines will be able to guide people directly to your FAQ section. These people can be potential investors, blockchain journalists, researchers, big brands or simply tech enthusiasts. In short, you will be educating a huge group of people about your token and its benefits.

Sharing Customer Service Responsibilities

FAQs are important for both pre-ICO and post-ICO scenarios. After your token sale event, many investors will need support most likely from customer service representatives. However, some common questions can be answered in the FAQ section. This will create a positive impression on the investors and make your team look professional and aware of what their target audience needs. You will save investors and your dedicated customer service people precious time and energy with this too.

Enhancing Creativity

The FAQ section is a great way to impress visitors. If the answers are creatively written, investors will form a positive impression of your team and project. You will be able to demonstrate domain expertise, and your investors will understand your idea in a better way. You can include images, links, articles and research, or even embedded videos. Sometimes, a video will do the trick ten times faster than written words, which is why good ICO explainer videos are important for a successful token launch.

The FAQ section has to be constantly updated. You have to consider the feedback given by potential investors. This can help you improve specific answers or add to the FAQ section. It is also necessary that the FAQ section remains visible to visitors. Focus on relevancy, utility and opportunities for conversion when including questions in the section. Be sure to include effective calls to action that will motivate investors to explore further.