As of 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic, globally, comes from smartphones, an increase from the 50.3% registered in 2017, say the figures released by Statista. More importantly, research by Smart Insightsreveals that 82% smartphone users resort to researching on their mobile phones before making a purchase decision. The reason these statistics are important for anyone wanting to promote their blockchain project is that Forrester predicts that 55% of the world population will own a smartphone by the end of 2018, with the number of unique smartphone subscribers crossing the 3 billion mark.

So, while the first step to marketing a blockchain project and its ICO is creating a user-friendly website, the design of the website needs a “mobile first” approach.

What is a Mobile First Approach?

Considered to be one of the most relevant strategies today for web design, the mobile first approach can be easily adapted to all types and sizes of screens. The approach involves designing for the smallest screen and then working on it to make it suitable for other screen sizes. The basic argument for using this approach is that if a website is good on a mobile device, it will translate better to all other devices. Since a mobile device has limitations in terms of screen size and bandwidth, designing a website keeping in mind these parameters will ensure that its content is highly powerful and useful and no frivolous information is included.

So, a mobile first approach involves prioritizing the most important aspects of the website, especially the content. But, in some cases, mobile users may need content that is different from the content on laptops or other screens. This issue can be resolved by considering various user scenarios and planning accordingly so that one can provide the right user experience on the right device.

How Can Your ICO Benefit from the Mobile First Approach?

Surveys have revealed that the conversion percentage is almost three timeshigher when a business can be accessed via a mobile phone, as compared to the same search being conducted on a desktop. In addition, Google rankssites that are mobile-compatible higher on its search rankings, which definitely increases online visibility.

Did you know that almost half the visitors to your site will leave it if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? This is where the mobile first approach comes to the rescue, speeding up load times due to the fewer elements included in the design. Every second delay in page loading can cost you 7% in terms of conversions.

In addition, this form of designing from the smallest to the largest screen, known as progressive enhancement, actually lays a very strong foundation for website design, laying more stress on ease of navigation, allowing users to access information as quickly as possible. This is the key to a satisfying user experience.

However, the most important aspect when promoting any ICO is to ensure results-driven marketing.And, this means taking a content-first approach, which is the very essence of mobile first designs. The fact is that the content needs of mobile users differ from those of desktop users. While the latter is likely to look for more in-depth information, a mobile internet user will seek the most critical information.

So, while a traditional web design for the desktop would include white spaces and long form content, a mobile design would include widgets and collapsible menus. Also, breakpoints are crucial, since they are determined by the device for which the site is being designed. So, the content will change at different breakpoints as you go from a smaller to a larger screen.

Most importantly, once you have the mobile design ready, you have already put in place the basic functionalities of the website. Now, all you need to do is layer over this foundation in what is called “progressive enhancement,” to make the site compatible with larger screen sizes.

Given that the world is progressively accessing the internet on-the-go, your target audience is also likely to do so. Plus, your website will get a better Google ranking when it is mobile-compatible, making your information easily accessible for all screen sizes. Your website is the doorway to your projectfor your target audience. All your social media posts, advertisements across platforms and more will link to it. So, make sure you first create the best website experience before going further with your ICO marketing.