Get Your Token Sale to Fly High on Twitter

Twitter, with a monthly user base of more than 330 million, is an ideal social platform to promote a token sale. It is the place where you’re able to not only advertise products, but also learn from industry stalwarts, most of whom are very active on the networking site.

The first step in making the most out of Twitter is to create a page for your token sale and include an appealing Twitter Bio, which explains all about your token in just a few words. All the team members should also have active Twitter profiles.

Content for Upcoming ICOs

Twitter is very conversational by nature, which makes it ideal for brands to build relationships with customers. Tweets are no longer only 140 characters and using threads you can extend a tweet to be as long as you like. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to write an essay. Then you need to target the right people, but who are these relevant followers?

This is for you to decide, based upon which part of the world you are targeting with your token. The demographics of your target audience, such as age-group, profession, region, etc., will determine the content you create to engage them. There are platforms like @SproutSocial that use keywords and locations to suggest profiles that will best interact with the community. You can also connect with the audience using its discovery feature.

One word of caution though, it is best not to go completely overboard with hash tags.

Don’t Forget Videos!

Remember to include your YouTube video links for the sale in your tweets. There have been ICOs in the past that have thrived on their creative and inspirational videos. Since tweets have a word limit, this is your chance to show the backstory of your team, the concept and all the emotions surrounding your token.

Live videos also garner a lot of attention on the platform, particularly Periscope. You can use that to host live Q&A sessions, chats with followers and other events. Periscope streams appear in followers’ feeds and tend to stand out more than images. Remember to add #periscope to your tweets.

The Crypto Community

Twitter has an active and thriving community of crypto enthusiasts. There are both anonymous users and well-known experts, who advocate ICOs they are passionate about. You should be visible to this community. Follow important people on the platform, send them messages. There are pages, such as @icoalert, which tweet all the active and upcoming ICOs, pre-ICOs and other events to its follower base of over 45.1k people. Make sure you get follow and interact there.

Power of Analytics

Twitter provides you with the advantage of accessing useful data. The likes and re-tweets will signify total engagement of your posts. You can also see which of your tweets stand apart from the rest.

Celebrity Tweets

Well, if you have the money and contacts, there is nothing like having a celebrity promoting your ICO on this social networking site. They have millions of followers from around the world and can push your product to a much wider audience. But beware of the laws and regulations. In recent developments, we have seen how the SEC has been cracking on ICOs and considering some of them as securities offerings, which makes the celebrities essentially brokers. You do not want unnecessary lawsuits here.

It would also be wise to not involve celebrities who are already entangled in litigations or do not have knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Twitter can do all this and much more. Paid promotions can land your tweets in feeds of specific followers. It is also one of the few platforms that offer 2-Factor authentication for your ICO accounts. Recently, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO indicated that he planned to crack down on spam ICOs. Whether this will be a block on adverts or a complete ban on organic promotions is as yet unclear. Just watch the Twitterspace.