What makes tokentarget an exciting place to work for us all is that we share a common passion for finance, fintech, investment banking and everything crypto, currency and otherwise. And, we want to share our love for crypto and finance with the rest of the world. The way we do this is by helping businesses who wish to host initial coin offerings and token sales. Through our knowledge, experience and skill in creating awareness and building brands, our mission is help these businesses use ICOs to achieve their capital funding goals and expand the value of their tokens/coins.

The key to success for any team is to have leaders with vision. We are fortunate to have just that.

John Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer at tokentarget since July 2017, John Lewis specializes in the marketing of fintech, blockchain and ICOs. He is also a marketing advisor at trade.io, a company that had one of the most successful ICOs of 2017.

  • John is also a partner and CMO at CONVERSION PROS, where he has been responsible for product development, distribution, channel management, marketing communications, pricing, market research studies and development since May 2011.
  • Today, John is known as the go-to person for online brand building and digital marketing, with specialization in affiliate marketing, SEO and email marketing, among others. He has built his experience over almost two decades in this domain. And, through this time, he has worked with some of the best-known names in the field.
  • easyMarkets: John worked in multiple roles here, from December 2005 to May 2011, starting out as Online Marketing Manager & Affiliate Manager and rising to Channel Acquisition Manager. He was responsible for leading Channel Management at easy-forex®, ensuring that all channels are run in the most effective and efficient way, not just regionally but globally. Meeting marketing targets became almost second nature here.
  • Smartade Ltd: Serving as Marketing Manager from February 2002 to January 2004, John was responsible for not just managing but innovating with online advertising, to optimize marketing campaigns and maximize sales for clients, and much more.
  • Capital Intelligence Ltd: John started his career in January 2000, as a Production Manager, at Capital Intelligence until February 2002. This was where he began his learning his trade, which has today made him a name to contend with in the online marketing sphere.

Daniel Richards

Our Chief Relationship Officer since October 2017, Daniel has built relationships all across Europe with his expertise in marketing strategies, investments and ICO marketing. Before he joined us, he built his experience and skills by taking on responsibilities and implementing initiatives that bore impressive results for clients.

  • invest.com: Daniel was Retention Manager here for a short duration, from June to October 2017, helping people with automated online investment portfolios through user-friendly trading platforms.
  • FXGlobe: He was also Retention Manager at FXGlobe, from February to June 2017, honing his relationship skills and helping clients in the world of forex.
  • European Marketing: And, if you are wondering where he got his marketing expertise, you should know that he spent three years here, from January 2014 to February 2017, working across Cyprus, Greece and Romania. He helped European Marketing with office development across multiple areas in the investment industry.
  • The GE Club: Adding to his diverse experience, Daniel worked in Palma – Mallorca & Menorca, Spain from October 2012 to January 2014, helping high net worth individuals learn about opportunities in Seed and Enterprise investment schemes which were introduced by the UK Government to help raise capital for Start-ups.
  • Greenwood Management: As Account Manager from September 2011 to October 2012, Daniel helped multiple clients with investment opportunities, all across the globe.

Our leadership team leads by example and we are only too happy to follow and learn. Want to know more about us and how we can help your ICO? Speak to us now. Contact [email protected]tokentarget.com or chat with us on Skype: tokentarget.