Complete analytical solutions and support for blockchain projects.

KPI's & Goal Creation

We help blockchain projects determine what the best set of KPIs and goals are. Our experience gives us insight into the types of metrics that blockchain projects should be targeting, letting us guide you on the KPIs and goals you should be tracking.

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Analytics & Tracking Setup

Working directly with your technical team, we can setup and install all the tracking you need to integrate the tokentarget business intelligence solution. We create a set of instructions on what code needs to be deployed ensuring that your system is constantly monitoring your website.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Working directly with a dedicated account manager, we help you to monitor your campaign performance. We also assist in the creation of reports that can help you to analyse and understand the results your marketing campaigns generate.

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Complete Tracking Solutions


Our tracking system uses URLs that contain tracking for our system and can contain UTM codes to integrate into your analytics account, letting you to track sources though our system and Google Analytics.


For pre-ICO whitelists, we help you to setup lead tracking to ensure that you are tracking confirmed leads, making your reports more accurate, and ensuring your budget is optimized accordingly.


Our unique tracking system tracks the actual number of contributors to your project, without the need of manual checking.


Our system tracks contributions to your ICO. This unique tracking means that you will be able to see exactly which of your marketing campaigns generates the best ROI, giving you insight that allows you to optimise your budget spend.

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