Sound knowledge of the fundamentals of blockchain technology can help you make informed decisions, not just in terms of investing in cryptocurrencies but also innovating a blockchain solution. The technology, although still in its nascent stages, holds promise for widespread adoption across diverse sectors. If it is really going to be the basis of our systems in the coming years, we should gain a better perspective of the components of the distributed ledger technology, such as cryptography, distributed computing, smart contracts, mechanism designs and so on.

So, how to learn blockchain technology? Here’s a list of some good sources to help you out.

Blockchain Websites

There are some amazing websites that serve the purpose of investor education. Not only will you find useful articles about the basics of blockchain, but also plenty of market news and updates. Moreover, the articles come with brilliant illustrations to help you grasp concepts easily. You will gain access to great content from some of the leading thought leaders in the industry on these websites.

·         Hackernoon

This is part of a network of Medium publications, called AMI. The site hosts great curated content on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The site is, to some extent, dedicated to software professionals who are working in the blockchain space. Here is an example of a good article on this site: Learn Blockchains by Building One. And, there also are articles like What is a Cryptocurrency?

·         Blockgeeks

Blockgeeks is a technology company, whose aim is to spread knowledge and awareness about blockchain technology. For this, they have plenty of online courses, guides and articles, written by the brightest blockchain advocates. The site provides introductory courses, master courses, technical and non-technical courses, and more. In addition to that, you will find a vast library of video tutorials, quizzes and interactive code challenges. Here are some examples:

Blockchain Books

If you want to know how to learn blockchain technology through good books, then you will find plenty of authors who have contributed to this space. The reasons these books are recommended is that the authors have taken a completely unbiased look at the emerging technology. They have praised it and listed its flaws too, all of which you should know if you are planning to build a career around this technology or are planning to implement it in your business.

·         BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World – by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Don Tapscott, CEO of Tapscott Group, is the author of the bestseller, Wikinomics. Together with his son, Alex Tapscott, who is a blockchain expert, Don has written a book that is well-researched and outlines how blockchain will impact the future of economy. The book is a must for anyone who wants to know all about blockchain technology and its repercussions.

·         Blockchain: The Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain Technology – by Miles Price

Learn how blockchain will disrupt the financial industry and how it will be used by governments to enhance data security and create digital identities. The book is useful and practical, and has been written for novices. The 54-page book isn’t the best choice for someone who seeks advanced knowledge in blockchain though.

Blockchain on YouTube

There are many experts on YouTube, who have created useful content to explain the technology to the layperson. Of course, the quality of the content depends on the creator. Thankfully, there are plenty of good information sources. Mane videos are loaded with high quality graphics, and are fun and informative. Look out for recommendations in your feed and viewer comments to get an idea about the videos. Here are some of the most popular ones:

As blockchain gets incorporated into different industries, the thirst for knowledge and also the need to educate the masses will increase. Whether you are a trader, investor or just a blockchain enthusiast, gaining knowledge about the technology will give you insight into the changing dynamics of the tech industry.