The recent crypto and ICO ad bans from the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter certainly had a significant impact on the finance sector as a whole – but it’s not all doom and gloom. Now the dust has settled and marketers have absorbed the news, it’s clear that with a little creativity, hard work and innovation, genuine projects have a good chance of survival.

Let’s find out more about havens for ICOs and blockchain projects.

The Ban Will Help Genuine Projects

The blanket ban on all crypto-related ads is due to the difficulty in segregating the genuine players from fraudsters. While genuine players may suffer in the short-term, long-term prospects may actually be rather hopeful. Those with a legitimate business model should be able to find investors for their projects through upcoming blockchain-based platforms offering affiliate marketing or performance marketing services.

In contrast, fraudulent players will find it difficult to convince people to invest in their ICOs and projects especially as people are now more aware of what to look out for before parting with their hard-earned cash. A legitimate project should and most likely will have a well-written white paper, a pitch deck, a high-quality website, social media accounts and a reliable, high-experienced team. The absence of these things should be a red flag.

Alternate Options to Market ICOs and Crypto Projects

One option that blockchain projects can use for marketing or reaching out to their target audience is using other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Medium or Reddit to communicate the details and value proposition of their projects. Platforms like Telegram have also gained huge popularity for just this. Another option for non-scam ICO and crypto projects is to embrace innovation and network via crypto-focused or niche platforms such as

It’s also important to note that the ad ban is regarding promotional posts relating to cryptocurrencies including a host of very specific keywords. While this isn’t exactly convenient, there are still plenty of things ICO marketers or promoters of blockchain projects can do to stand out from the crowd. Ideas include posting informative yet compliant posts, providing valuable insights about projects and joining in discussions and debates – rather than simply promoting through advertisements.

Crypto projects can also use direct display advertising on targeted websites that offer news and market insights for crypto investors. In addition, several cryptocurrency related sites also offer paid advertising, providing a chance to promote your ICOs or projects to the right audience.

Another option for legitimate projects is to raise funds from accredited investors rather than casual cryptocurrency followers.

On the whole, this blanket ban by various social media networks may prove to be beneficial for the crypto industry, encouraging companies to find new and effective means of marketing projects. So, although there may be some setback for a short while, over the long term, the outcome is bound to be favourable for genuine projects so long as marketing efforts are backed with hard work and determination.