ICOs are definitely here to stay, and 2017 has proven that. Yes, there were both successes and failures, but one thing that we all learned through it all was that if you have a sound project and a token that adds value for the user and the investor alike, the chances of ICO success are higher.

tokentarget had the good fortune of being part of one of the big successes of the year, helping with the marketing of the Loci ICO. Here’s a look at the experience.


ICO Start Date: December 8, 2017
ICO End Date: December 31, 2017

Listed by Inc.com as the third most promising ICO of 2018, in its list of top 10 ICOs to look out for this year, Loci was a project with one goal – to ease the process of innovation for the world. The technology startup had already created a DIY patent research tool, called InnVenn. The company then decided to expand its platform so that inventors, innovators and creative thinkers could buy and sell intellectual property. For such transactions, Loci created a token that could be used within its ecosystem, LOCIcoin. The aim was to continue with its efforts to simplify the process of patent acquisition with use of blockchain technology.

The Marketing Strategy

The first step to working out an effective strategy is to understand not just the project but its target audience. So, to create a marketing strategy, we first learned all we could about what Loci stood for and what it had to offer to the world. This is what helped us create unique, creative visuals with powerful messaging for the ICO.

The foundation for any effective online campaign is to first design an attractive, effective and user-friendly website. The design and website development teams worked together with the Loci team to create a functional, visually attractive and easy-to-navigate website. The aim was to optimize engagement and conversion, with the use of powerful messaging.

Once the website was up and running, it was time to spread the word. To create awareness regarding the ICO and its value proposition, both banner ads and social media were used. This proved to be an effective and powerful way to market the launch of LOCIcoin, offering the opportunity to engage the target audience in an interactive way.

Marketing is essentially communicating a message to a target audience in order to ellicit a specific action from them. All the channels, from content to graphics to media distribution had to be aligned, consistent and impactful.

The world today is all about innovation, creating something new that will ease our lives and maybe even make it more interesting. What Loci had done was to draw from this and create an ecosystem that was robust. We got really excited about the project, so we knew that we could create the same excitement in the blockchain investor world too.