The success of your ICO relies heavily on your marketing campaign. At the cost of sounding dramatic, marketing is the heart of your project. This must pump hard enough to reach out to millions of potential investors in a relatively short time span.

It’s critical to formulate your marketing strategy before taking the first step. Your ICO marketing campaign should begin with creating your website and whitepaper. You’ve probably thought of reaching out via social media and sharing information on your blog. Maybe you’ve even thought of contributing content to more established sites. Here are five avenues that you may have missed in your marketing plan.

Have You Included These in Your ICO Marketing Plan?

ICO Listing and Rating Sites: There are several sites (like ICO Alert and ICO Tracker) that simply list upcoming and ongoing ICOs and token sales. Your project being listed on such sites can bring a large amount of traffic to your website and whitepaper. Sites that rank ICOs (like ICO Bench, Wiser ICO and ICO Rating) would take more effort. You need to ensure a good ranking. The good thing is that these sites provide a snapshot of your team and project.

Online and Offline Events: You need to get out there and put your networking skills to the test. Start with online crypto and blockchain meetups, webinars and conferences. ICO investors are spread across the globe and these events help you connect in a cost-effective way. Identify at least a couple of regular (offline) events that you and your team would like to attend. Presenting at such events builds credibility and attracts media coverage. Participating at the events would take a great deal of preparation, including designing marketing material and exhibits.

Forums: There are specialized forums like, All Crypto Talk and Cryptocurrency Talk. Since the latest threads appear on the first page of these forums, you’d need to remain super active to be seen. Great responses to questions get you noticed and position you as a thought leader. Remember to talk about your project but avoid being too promotional.

Press Releases: Plan interesting press releases and articles; and target major media sites and blockchain media outlets. If you have sufficient time, create relationships with reporters. Send them interesting information regularly. Try to get an interview. If you’re short on time, you can use a press release and article distribution services though chances of getting into the right portals or publications are low. However, you may reach more mainstream publications in this way so it’s important to create great content that could go viral.

Paid Ads: Social media advertising and banner ads on relevant sites are great ways to gain visibility. These ads need to be well-designed and grab attention. You could place banner ads on targeted news sites, forums, blogs and other publications that crypto investors would be interested in. Also consider text ads on the Google search network.

A powerful ICO marketing campaign involves managing a variety of platforms and networks. It takes a great deal of planning and effort to reap the unique benefits offered by different platform.s

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