When selling our idea or project, it’s easy to get so caught up in explaining the concept that we forget to think from the investor’s point of view. Investors won’t contribute money just because you think your project is awesome, right? Instead, it’s important to focus on factors that influence investor decision making. So, here are five things your marketing campaign should definitely address.

5 Factors Investors Consider When Picking ICOs

The good news is that ICOs are hot among crypto investors. What’s challenging is that investors are becoming increasingly discerning, with so many ICOs to choose from. Here are some factors that can influence the success of your ICO:

Core Team and Advisory Board: Your project hasn’t been completed yet, let alone getting any market traction. Investors need to feel reassured that your team has the capability and commitment to deliver on promises. They’re going to look everywhere to find out more about the team – the management team, the development team and the advisory board. They’ll be googling your names, checking all LinkedIn profiles, visiting forums and watching any interviews. It would serve your ICO well if your team members have experience in the crypto market, in technology and in the relevant industry.

Website: This is the face of your project and you need it to be awesome. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A killer design grabs attention
  • A professional layout lends credibility
  • Graphics explain your project better than text
  • Compelling copy gets visitors to take a desired action
  • Keep it sophisticated, yet simple
  • Don’t forget to optimize it for mobile users

Whitepaper: Most investors will open your whitepaper and eyeball it. Here are a few tips:

  • Make it attractive and detailed.
  • Segregate the text clearly to help investors get to the parts they’re most interested in.
  • Use graphics to explain complex concepts.
  • Use bullet lists or relevant icons to explain the process or to cite all the benefits.

Your whitepaper must explain your project, the revenue model, the goals you seek to achieve and how your project will scale. If you’ve already got some code written, showcase this.

The Token: Details of your token would find a place in your whitepaper and should on your website. But it’s a separate point here because it’s THAT important. You need to clearly spell out:

  • What is the purpose of your token (this is by far the most important question investors would seek an answer to)
  • Hard cap (or total token supply)
  • Percentage of your tokens that will be held by your team or advisory board
  • Dates of your pre-ICO and ICO token sale
  • Base price
  • Token distribution and how it is tied to your project roadmap

Online Activity: When investors google the name of your company, they should find enough on it. Press releases and interviews help build trust. An active social media presence helps. Posting from your company’s Twitter handle is just not enough. The critical team members should get out there and express their opinion on relevant threads. All your team members need to have complete LinkedIn profiles highlighting their achievements. Some companies have used messaging platforms like Slack and Telegram very successfully to create the hype.

Your ICO marketing strategy must be focused on ticking checkboxes of questions that investors would want answered.

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