An ICO is much more than a means to raise funds for a blockchain initiative. It can actually help lay a strong foundation for the long-term success of the project. And, as ICO success depends largely on online visibility, web optimisation should be a top priority with all content being tailored to suit the most popular search engines such as Google.

This is increasingly important in light of recent research which suggests that 90% of web users don’t venture beyond the first page of search results. SEO is therefore vital if you want to remain on the first page, so here are some useful tips for all hopeful ICOs.

On-Page SEO Tips for ICO Websites

On-page SEO involves careful consideration of titles, meta-tags, keywords, descriptions, internal links and such like in a bid to help your ICO website rank higher when a search is carried out. A good SEO strategy can will not only increase traffic to your site, it will also ensure your content and business idea reaches the most-appropriate audience. This is a key step in ensuring the success of your ICO launch.

1.      Use SEO-Friendly URLs and Internal Linking

Google has stated that the initial 3-5 words of a URL are given more weight in search results. Short URLs have an edge over lengthy and cumbersome ones, since they lead to better crawling of the search bots. URLs should, therefore, be short and sweet, while also being easy to remember or easy to connect to your project/ICO.

Proper internal linking is a key SEO tool. It not only helps visitors browse all the relevant content on the website, but also helps web crawlers find all the pages. This ensures better indexing by search engines.

2.      Page Titles

Each webpage on your site should have a unique title meta-tag, which should include the primary keyword of that page. This ensures that whenever someone searches for that keyword, your website has a better chance of showing up because page titles include those keywords.

3.      Meta Description and Meta Tags

Meta-tags and meta descriptions help your site to be indexed and should include essential keywords. The meta description provides a summary of the content on a specific page and is the perfect place to carefully throw in some of the most searchable terms for your brand. In fact, the first step to SEO is intensive keyword research to find the best ones for your ICO website. Include these keywords in the meta tags, alt tags and alt text.

4.      Use of Multimedia

Use of interactive videos, images and infographics can reduce the bounce rate and increase the time spent by users on your website. These will not only make your ICO website appealing but also provide easy-to-understand project information. And, Google does love videos. Forrester Research found that if your landing page has a video, it is 53% more likely to feature on the first page of search results on Google. You can further enhance SEO by ensuring that your video’s title, alt tags and alt text all contain the primary keywords.

5.      Body Tags and Keyword Density

For your content to look appealing and hold the user’s attention, it should be broken into small sections and paragraphs, with each segment having its own sub-heading. These headlines and sub-headings should be marked as Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc., easing the process of indexing for the search bots. What would be even better is if these sub-heading contained relevant keywords.

Of course, the content itself needs to be interesting, high-quality and original, with the relevant keywords inserted in a readable way. However, be careful not to stuff the content with too many keywords, making the content awkward and leading search bots to wonder whether the webpage is spamming the reader. To avoid any negative consequences, keep the keyword density between 2% and 5%.

Remember, both the website design and its content need to appeal to your target audience. And, for your target audience to view your site and appreciate it, they should be able to easily discover it online. This is what SEO will help you to achieve.