LinkedIn is the new hub for cryptocurrency communities around the world. Till quite recently, these communities were mostly thriving on other social platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, but the business-centric platform is providing these groups new ways to connect with fellow blockchain tech pioneers and enthusiasts, not to mention potential investors.

Let’s take a look at 5 of these LinkedIn groups dedicated to blockchain innovations and upcoming ICOs, listed in no particular order.

1.     Bitcoin

The group is simply called Bitcoin and is aimed at people interested in knowing more about the latest news in the Bitcoin ecosystem and projects to collaborate to further the coin’s use as a peer-to-peer decentralised digital currency. The owner of the group is Daniel Patel, who is Europe’s leading SAP recruiter and a Bitcoin ambassador. An alumnus of King’s College, London, Daniel has been an SAP professional for many years now and a part of since 2009. Apart from him, there are other blockchain influencers managing the group, including Jimmy Song (Venture Partner, Blockchain Capital LLC) and Andrew T (Founder of Subbit). The group has over 44K members.

2.     Software and Technology Professionals

With a whopping member base of 1.7 million, this group connects professionals from the software technology and blockchain industry. The group covers all the latest news and developments related to blockchain, ICOs and tech startups. There are plenty for people interested in fintech, forex, stocks and other topics from the finance industry. The founder of the group is Peter L, Founder and CEO of Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) and Tristone Consulting Group, LLC. Peter is on the board of advisors for projects such as Giftz, itCoin and Waulit. The Blockchain Industry Group, with over 3.8 million social media members, is aiming to be the world’s largest and most beneficial blockchain group.

3.     Bitcoin Blockchain & FinTech Think Tank /Cryptor Trust

The group is a part of the Crypto Trust Think Tank. It describes itself as a trusted network of professionals, who are interested in learning and exchanging ideas with each other. The group aims to provide curated content on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain for Fintech and Cryptography professionals, ICO investors, researchers and entrepreneurs. The group currently has 28K members on board. Founder and CEO of Cryptor Trust Think Tank, Geir Solem, is also the founder of this group. Geir is an investment banker. The Cryptor Trust is a global think tank that supports investments in Bitcoin, blockchain and other fintech assets. Along with him, many people manage the group, including Jaroslav Spacek, a Slovak Republic-based blockchain analyst and project manager.

4.     FinTech – Financial Technology

This group claims to be the biggest community for fintech professionals on LinkedIn. It covers topics ranging from blockchain to InsurTech, HyperLedger, financial services, crowd-funding, the banking industry and other financial markets. The owner of the group is Qamar Zia, a cloud infrastructure and distributed database technologist, with full-stack expertise in building large scale, high-performing Big Data and enterprise database backend networks. Qamar is also known for his skills in decentralised applications and Ethereum blockchain. The group currently has over 185K members on board. Along with Qamar are Omar Zia and Maheen Zia, who also manage the group.

5.     Blockchain Business

This group is aimed at aspiring blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, coders and other members of the digital currency ecosystem, who are interested in building specific solutions on blockchain. The group owner is Mukhtar Mussabetov, who owns 3 blockchain startups. Mukhtar is actively involved in blockchain full-stack development, including crowdfunding, pre-ICO, ICO, tokenomics and angel investing solutions for startups. The group has over 36K members on board. Along with Mukhtar are other moderators who manage the group. Some of them are Rodrigo Acosta (blockchain developer), Rik Willard (Founder of Agentic) and JR Willett, the guy who actually invented the concept of ICO in 2012, with his Omni protocol.

LinkedIn is home to over 500 million users, including industry professionals like coders, crypto influencers, blockchain evangelists and so on.

As more businesses adopt the cryptocurrency mode of payments or use blockchain applications in their business models, the importance of networking with the right professionals will become important, and these groups will help in doing just that. They will also keep ICO investors abreast of the latest news in the market, so that they can make informed decisions.