Facebook gave a jolt to the crypto community at the start of 2018, when it decided to ban all cryptocurrency and ICO related ads on its platform. But that doesn’t mean that the company is unaware of the growing industry with a lot of potential investors. In June, Facebook announced that it will allow some pre-approved advertisers to promote their crypto businesses and services.

The social media platform does have very active communities that provide valuable information on the crypto world, such as ICO reviews, explainer videos, news and plenty of stuff that can educate an investor interested in the crypto space. Let’s take a look a 5 of these trusted cryptocurrency groups.

1.     Suppoman’s Crypto Masterminds (SCM)

Suppoman is a known crypto influencer and has an established presence on various other social channels, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The group on Facebook is a members-only one, where people can share news and information about the crypto industry. The group doesn’t accept referral links or promotions from any other social channel. It is purely focused on informing members about current developments in the blockchain space. The moderators watch the posts closely. The group already has over 28K members on board.

2.     Cryptocurrency Investing

This group describes itself as one that encourages intelligent discussion on blockchain technology and crypto investments. It aims to be a reliable community forum, where traders and investors can come for the latest information on ICOs and blockchain regulations. On their page, you will find links to their podcasts, YouTube channel, Telegram channel and website. It is a members-only group, and currently has a member base of 138K.

3.     Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners

This is an open group for beginners and pros alike. Members share their opinions on coins with solid backing, which is what the group demands. Any ideas shared without proof are deleted by the admin. They also do not accept any referral links, private message solicitations, ads and off-topic posts. The group is very particular about not posting anything related to coin prices or any sort of advice for traders. It has a follower base of 86K. James Clayton is the primary admin for the group. He is a keen blockchain enthusiast, as well as an active gamer.

4.     CryptoHunt Facebook Community

CryptoHunt is a community focused on sharing information, market insights and analyses, coin predictions and useful tips for crypto traders. This group would be perfect for someone who is holding cryptos for the long-term, rather than day traders. One could also book personal one-on-one sessions with crypto experts here. Currently, there are around 6.3K followers on board. Apart from mentioning their aversion to referral links and promotions, they are also very intolerant of hate speeches or racial remarks. One can find links to their Twitter and Instagram profiles, along with their website information, here.

5.     That Crypto Hustle

That Crypto Hustle is a closed group meant for beginners, traders and blockchain enthusiasts. People share their trading advice, sans any ads or referral links. The group is constantly on the lookout for articles and news related to the blockchain space, which it shares regularly. They interview experts once a week and people can directly ask these experts questions. They have acquired over 1K members within a span of just 8 months. The admin of the group is Luna Vega, a crypto influencer, marketer and podcaster in her own right.

Facebook in the Crypto Space

The reversal in the platform’s crypto ad ban has been welcomed by many industry figures, who say that this will further establish the growing relevance of blockchain technology. If a social media giant like Facebook is planning to not be a hindrance to legitimate blockchain companies, it can only mean that the platform has faith in the widespread applications of the technology and that a blanket ban would be an obstacle for innovation in the space.

Moreover, rumours of Facebook’s own ambitions in the blockchain sector have been doing the rounds for some time now. There are reports that the tech giant is planning to acquire Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. With Facebook’s member base crossing the 2 billion mark, this will not only mean a chance for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, but also a boost in crypto valuations.

Facebook has recently launched a huge blockchain exploratory group, headed by David Marcus, head of FB Messenger and, incidentally, a board member at Coinbase.